Technology is at the heart of business for Cole Hardware. It was originally founded by Dave Karp in 1959 but is ran and managed by his son Rick Karp currently. The son has been able to expand the stores into four that are spread throughout San Francisco. Technology plays a very big role in the hardware currently.

            Cole Hardware used technology in different ways to keep the business running smooth and efficient. Using hand-held scanners, they have been able to keep inventory of all the products that are available in the store using software that records the thousands of inventory that are held by the store.  There were about 45,000 different items in the store and being able to manage that alone without a computer would have been a lot of work. Employees use the scanners around the stores to help assess the location and quantity of inventory accurately for proper valuation.

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            New technologies have helped the hardware store reach profitability and continue to grow. The use of technology for the store has been useful in a number of ways. One of these ways is the fact that the store has been able to grow from one store to four stores all across San Francisco. Technology helped in easily recording and saving of inventory of the store that had thousands of different products. This way, the profits realized helped the business to grow different branches in the city. Analytics technology has also been a benefit to the store. The software helps Rich analyze how his stores perform day by day. There are three separate graphs showing how the stores perform daily, monthly and yearly. This has been termed as a nice snapshot of the health of the business in terms of what goes through the front door. This method can aid the business in understanding its profitable goods and those it requires to cut down on. Technology has been able to assist the management team in handling any challenges that are presented to it in the store in an effective and efficient manner. 

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