Ten years from now, it won’t matter what car you drive, what jeans you wear, how you style your hair, or what you do to “improve” your appearance. The car you drive matters just about as much as how you drink your coffee. In both cases, it’s shocking to some people that some don’t drink coffee. It’s shocking to people if others don’t have a car. If they are financially unable to support either of them, people may help them out. It’s the things that help people that matter. You can spend your whole life donating money. That’s not the same as talking to people and helping them out and establishing connections. People who receive donations via charity are thankful, though they may forget it years later. If you help someone out that doesn’t have a car or transportation mode, they’ll remember it for 10+ years because you were helpful and thoughtful enough to help them out when they needed it. The jeans you wear won’t matter in years. Not only because they don’t last forever, but also because the jeans you possess don’t affect the world in any way other than giving companies large sums of money for designers that don’t last long. Unless you’re Einstein, your hair doesn’t matter. It grows. It changes. Einstein can be easily identified by his hair, but he changed the world. Unless you use your appearance to gain influence and change the world, the style choices you make now don’t matter one bit. You can donate money to help feed people who are unable to financially support people to get proper nutrition (and I am speaking personally here) but it is not the same as helping with a community dinner and spending time and building bonds with people from different social classes. I’ll never forget helping people through church, and the people who we help as a team will never forget the effort we made to help them. In a nutshell, all I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter how you pamper yourself. All that will change people’s lives is how you help them when they are in need. Doctors and the like don’t get remembered by standing there and blankly staring. They get remembered because they help people. They help to save someone or try to cure an illness in a time of need. 

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