last “take-away” point is about against racial discrimination. According to
Chapter 57, How White People can serve as
allies to people of color in the struggle to end Racism, Kivel presents, “being allies to
people of color in the struggle to end racism is one of the most important
things that white people can do” (Kivel,1996, P 550). I agree on this point.

However, I think that the way against racial discrimination can’t merely depend
on being allies to people of color. I will quote racial discrimination between
whites and black American as an example to illustrate this. Racial
discrimination relies on the economic and cultural background of the black
Americans and the racial prejudice of American whites. Hence, its solution depends
on the change on both sides. The black Americans should struggle to improve
their economic conditions and strengthen their economic power. Although they
are blacks, they make great contributions to America. Therefore, we should
respect and help them to promote that the blacks can have the same rights as
the whites. In other words, they can have the same rights to vote, to go to prestigious
college, and to sit in the same area as the whites. The American whites not
only build coalitions to black Americans but also help improve the blacks’
living and other conditions. For example, the black children have the same
treatments as the White children in school. Besides, the government can offer
more job opportunities to the black.

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