The artwork is of Brooklyn (mostly Brooklyn Heights) and how the neighborhood has changed over time.  The title is “The Evolution of Brooklyn”. I made sure to take pictures of key elements of the neighborhood like icons such as the Brooklyn Bridge. I used my phone to take the pictures. Some techniques I used were wideshots and leading lines photography. To find the places or things to take pictures of, I went to the first stop on the A train that left me off in Brooklyn. I chose this borough because I liked the juxtaposition of it; it’s in the city but with suburban characteristics. In all honesty Tumblr inspired my artwork because I usually try to mimic the colors or energy. I did this by including the sky in the photos. My work is supposed to express a social issue that I’ve seen in my personal life. People get the idea that certain neighborhoods are bad. I understand why, given the past in places like the Bronx and Brooklyn but many are stuck with the mindset that these are the most crime and drug-filled places in New York. This makes them unsafe and “bad” neighborhoods. I tried to express emotion and tranquility in my artwork. My goals as an artist is to take photos that I find aesthetically pleasing. But my goals as an artist in this project was to show that Brooklyn has changed into a better place and people need to acknowledge it. Back in the 1980’s, when Brooklyn Heights was full of drug dealers, hookers and muggers, it was mainly all people of color. So keeping the idea that Brooklyn, a place with mainly a lot of colored people, is unsafe because of the type of people in it. This upholds the idea that latinos and black people are hookers, drug dealers, muggers and generally dangerous people that we should stay away from. Getting used to the idea that Brooklyn is a normal part of the city will be taking a step in the right direction. In the end, the piece helped me reach my goal because I took pictures I liked, but still I think I got my point across. When I was creating this artwork, I learned some background on Brooklyn. It used to be not only a place with a lot of gang activity, prostitution, drugs, and other crimes, but it also was a primary place for immigrants. The end result is nothing from what I thought it’d be, because my topic was changed several times and I didn’t even know what this was going to be about until I took the pictures. However I love how it ended up being of a place I find aesthetically pleasing and a topic I find important.

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