The National Notifiable
Disease Surveillance System (NNDSS), according to: https://wwwn.cdc.gov/nndss/ , is an initiative
that encourages all levels of government to collaborate in the collection of
health information (NNDSS 2017). The NNDSS, permeating down to the smallest
units of government, initially establishes its legal clout through jurisdictional
mandate. That is to say, local health care professionals, biomedical labs, and
hospitals are legally bound to disclose incidences of some diseases to their
state health department (NNDSS 2017). These agents of passive surveillance have
their active counterparts, who participate in both ‘sentinel’ and ‘syndromic’
surveillance. Sentinel surveilants are those that are assigned a population and
tasked with analyzing and reporting their health events. Syndromic surveilants
are instead charged with monitoring a symptom or set of symptoms in a specific
area (2016).

The National Notifiable
Disease Surveillance System is but a component of the CDC’s Division of Health
Informatics and Surveillance (DHIS). The empirically-derived disease data
collected by the NNDSS is then analyzed, processed and transferred to CDC
programs on a disease-specific basis. In this manner the CDC uses data
collected by the NNDSS to examine alterations in the course/transmission of a
disease, monitor potential disease outbreaks, and determine the viability of
proposed health interventions. What found surprising about this  surveillance system is its potential to be
used internationally. By designing a system that penetrated all levels of
organizational structure from bottom to top, the CDC made its primary goal to
catch outbreak early and prevent state-reportable or nationally notifiable
disease from spreading (NNDSS 2017).

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