The Civil war is when people of the South and the North began to fight because the north didn’t want slavery and the South did. What the North did to cause this is they would help fugitive slaves and would make books about how cruel the Southern were to their slaves. So, the Southern people had started the war by attacking the North for what they did. The North had to start fight to because the South had taking this out of control. This war had caused a lot of damage to the South and the North. Some of the effects were bad and some were good for some people. One of the effects is the south and the North had some bitterness between them, and how this war tore families apart, and how the slave became free.After the war the South and the North had some bitterness between them. Before the Civil war it was no different but, the South now have to be nice to black people and Northerners too. This was one thing the South needed to do so they could be accepted by the North. The South had to sign an agreement to rejoin the Union. The South was angry at the North by saying they had ” invaded their land and destroying their economy”. The north was mad at the South because they tried ” breaking up the Union and insisting on slavery”. So, even to today the south and the north still kinda have some bitterness between them. The south was also mad at the north because they have destroyed what they believed in.This war caused people to either go to the South or the North. This way families can go to which side they think is true. Some people from the South would go to the North and the North would go the South. This would some fights between some families and could destroy their relationship. This was also some of the bitterness between the South and North.Though the positive effect of the Civil war was for the slaves. The slaves were free and was able to have human right. 3.5 slaves were free now and didn’t have to do any hard labor.Though freed slave didn’t get paid as much still they do have to work for free. Also, the south still gave African American dirty looks they couldn’t do anything about it. So, feed slave were able to jobs they wanted and was able to eat more than they were able to when they were slaves. So to conclusion the South and the North have some differences and still have some bitterness between them, they were able to do some major damage but the war had stopped. Also, when the families were separated from the war because of slavery. But the positive part was that slaves were able to become free and wasn’t force to work. So this war did have many negative affect from the south and the north but did have some positive, too.

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