Focusing on the chosen sections of the novel, which character does the reader have mot sympathy for: Victor Frankenstein or this creature? The novel I’m going to analyse is called ‘The Modern Prometheus’ which means creation. Mary Shelley wrote it in 1816 and it first got published in 1818. She wrote it because it referred a little to her life and her experiences. The novel is about a very ambitious doctor who saw his mother die when he was at a very young age. He thinks he can defeat death by creating a monster. The consequences of creating the monster where drastic, he killed some of Victor’s family.

Next Victor was found by Walton lay on some ice very weak and half dead. Walton helped Victor get onto his ship. Victor told Walton everything, just before Victor died he told Walton to destroy the monster. So Walton went and found the monster and they had a conversation, but at the end the monster jumped out of the window and nothing was seen of him again. This story has made quite a big impact on modern society today as it makes people ask questions about human creation such as cloning. The novel has many layers as it is told from two different perspectives, story-telling and letters.

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The genre of the novel is Gothic. When the story was first published it was unpopular because in that time people was against females to write. Mary Shelley’s name was originally ‘Mary Wollstone Godwin. ‘ She was born on 30th august 1797, her mother died whilst giving birth to her. Both her parents were famous in the publishing world and she was the lover of the infamous romantic poet, Percy Bysshe Shelley. When she was seventeen, she eloped to France and became pregnant. Her father was not at all pleased and wouldn’t talk to her.

She gave birth to a girl, Clara who died only a few weeks later. Mary suffered nightmares about the death of Clara. Maybe this and her Father not talking to her influenced her in writing this novel. There are various similarities between Mary’s book and that of the story of Adam and Eve in the bible. It could be said that Frankenstein is taking the place of God when he created the monster. When the monster becomes more intelligent it starts to develop human characteristics however this doesn’t help it, it is in fact the beginning of his downfall.

This is similar to Adam and Eve, when Adam ate from the tree of knowledge. With the monsters new intelligence it even managed to blame Justine for a murder it committed. The story even relates to child abuse in that the monster could be said to be a child as it has only recently been created. It’s abandoned and despised by its own “father”. The authors own life also influences the story. It seems she keeps comparing herself to the monster. She was ignored and isolated from her father in the same way the monster was from Victor.

In this way you have more pity for the monster as he is being shut out from his ‘father’. In the days when Mary Shelley was alive it was frowned upon to have affairs, especially with men like Percy Shelley. This resulted in her having to anonymously publish her novel as she was not socially accepted. Her father who was high in the publishing world would have also tried to stop her getting it published. After her husband committed suicide she may have gained some sympathy but I think a majority of the population blamed her for his death.

This may have had a bad affect on book sales. In the story, Frankenstein is both the victim and the villain, but he only considers himself to be the victim. He’s the villain because he created life and then disowned it to live and learn by itself, which is where child abuse comes in. In some parts of the book you do feel quite a lot of sympathy for Victor. When he was creating the monster, for example he said he suffered from “anxiety that almost amounted to agony. ” Victors implying that he was so nervous and anxious that it actually caused him physical pain.

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