The Federal Legalization of Marijuana versus provincial concerns with the legalization. The federal legalization of marijuana in canada is a very complicated thing. There are people who just want it to be legal, which is about 40 percent of Canadiens. But there’s much more to it than that. There are rules and regulations around it. With each province comes different rules. Some issues that people say is that people will be driving under the influence once it is legal. If one was to do this, and they were caught, it would be the same as an offence of driving drunk. It’s considered driving under the influence/impaired driving. If one is to be caught with one of these offences they would receive a 250$ fine, and their licence suspended for 3 days. That’s just the consequences for the first offence. The second offence holds a 350$ fine and a week long suspension.  (https://www.thestar.com/news/queenspark/2017/09/18/ontario-to-toughen-penalties-for-driving-under-the-influence-of-marijuana.html)A question that marijuana users that buy illegally at the moment have is how much will it cost? They may say “Well if it’s going to be much more than what I buy it at now then why would I go in and get it legally?”. A CBC article states that “Ontario considers pricing pot at 10$ a gram”. This answers the question of the users. Of course there will GST but 10 dollars a gram is the standard illegal price. .(http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/marijuana-price-ontario-10-gram-1.4298540)So far I’ve only talked about Canada in general, and a little bit about Ontario. Now it’s time for me to talk about P.E.I.. On Prince Edward Island’s official website it states that to purchase marijuana you will have to be 19, along with the purchase of alcohol and cigarettes. People who wish to purchase cannabis will be allowed to possess 30 grams at a time, which is 2 grams over an ounce. In perspective that’s quite a lot, a dealers amount. The article also stated that the cannabis will be sold in stores. Although, if that doesn’t suit someone there will be an online store that the government will operate where people will be able to order cannabis and have it delivered by Canada post. All adults will legally be able to grow up to 4 plants in their home. The legislation is said to happen before July 1st. (https://www.princeedwardisland.ca/en/service/have-your-say-cannabis-legislation) Even though people are saying that the legislation date will be on July 1st, Justin Trudeau says different. In an article in the National Post, it states that Trudeau said “The date will not be July 1st, I can assure you of that. I don’t know where that date came from.”. Other websites have suggested that the date will be sometime before July 1st, but know one really knows for sure. The benefits of legalizing marijuana as said by trudeau are that “It’s one of the only ways to keep it out of the hands of our kids.” and  He stated this in an article with  In another Huffington Post article Trudeau talks about taxes on marijuana. He said that for every gram of pot there would be 1$ tax. Also, anything that is over 10$ will have 10% tax on it, not counting HST. (http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/10/03/justin-trudeau-suggests-1-per-gram-tax-on-marijuana_a_23231840/) (http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/12/20/trudeau-rules-out-canada-day-for-marijuana-legalization_a_23312549/)

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