In this essay I will be looking at two of the Sherlock Holmes stories “The Man with the Twisted Lip” and “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” both by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I am going to prove that most of Sherlock Holmes cases have a pattern. I will be looking at the introduction, the opening of the story, the character of Holmes, Dr. Watson, women, the language, the settings and weather, clues and false clues, the similarities, the ending of both stories and the differences.

“The Man with the Twisted Lip” and “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” both begins by Watson being disturbed by a distressed woman. In “The Man with the Twisted Lip”, it starts off with Dr. Watson sitting in his armchair at home with his wife. Suddenly Kate Whitney knocked on the door asked for help. In “The Adventure of the Speckled Band” it starts off by Sherlock Holmes waking up Dr. Watson for one of their clients, Helen Stoner. Sherlock Holmes is quite the same in both stories; he is the most respected detective the village people know, he is a respectful person that has a good reputation.

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“But I have heard, Mr. Holmes that you can see deeply into the manifold wickedness of the human heart. You may advise me how to walk amid the dangers that which encompass me. ” He is intelligent and is great at disguising himself. The readers know what to expect because he is very observant as he always works out the truth at the end. He likes to be challenged by taking the especially hard cases for himself and leaving the easy ones to the police. Sherlock Holmes is respected in both stories both story opens the same way by the disturbance from a distressed woman.

Dr. James Watson has changed between the two stories. In ‘The Adventure of the Speckled Band’ he was not married (bachelor), but in ‘The Man with the Twisted Lip’ He is married comfortably. “I sat up on my chair, and my wife laid her needle-work down in her lap and made a little face of disappointment. ” He is quite the same in other detail, like the way he needs everything that Holmes finds out explained to him, and how obedient and respectful he is to Holmes. He is also very respectful to Sherlock Holmes and admires his work.

“I had no keener pleasure than in following Holmes in his professional investigation, and in admiring the rapid deductions, a swift as institutions, and yet always founded on a logical basis. ” Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson are very good companions. Dr. Watson admires Holmes’s work and finds it fascinating. Dr. Watson finds Holmes work very interesting, although he doesn’t understand some bits of the crime; he still stands by Holmes side and helps him in every way.

Women in the story are represented as weak, feeble, hysterical and delicate; this was how women were described in the 19th century. In ‘The Adventure of the Speckled Band’, Helen Stoner and her sister Julia Stoner were considered as weak. Julia Stoner was said to have “died of pure fear and nervous shock”. This was feasible at that time because they were considered to be fragile. In ‘The Man with the Twisted Lip’ Kate Whitney was considered to be fragile as she does ask people for advice “Oh, I’m in such trouble!

” she cried “I do so want a little help”. Mrs St. Clair was the daughter of a local brewer who is weak and hysterical as she “fainted at the sight of blood. ” She sees herself stronger than she really is “I am not hysterical, nor given to fainting. ” Mrs Watson is completely opposite from Kate Whitney and Mrs St. Clair. She is an older woman who is a good listener. Dr. Watson speaks highly of his wife as she is different form other women and says “Folk who were in grief came to my wife like birds to a light-house”.

Most women in the story are delicate and fragile, all except Mrs Watson, who is a strong minded, older woman who helps other women, see to their problems. Formal language was considered to be appropriate by the reader, it was used in both stories e. g. in ‘The Man with the Twisted Lip’ it uses formal language like “”A very strong piece of evidence to corroborate your view. ” It also contained a lot of old language as it was considered normal at those times like “do you think that I will respond to such trifle.

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