The Weird Week

     One Sunday I was
getting ready for school because it is the first day after the weekend but I
was a little drowsy so at the French period I fell asleep, and I was dreaming
about an earthquake happening. So the teacher woke me up and asked me to go to
the bathroom and wash my face. When I was at the bathroom I saw a girl coming
in the boys bathroom then I saw a boy coming in after her furiously so I hid
behind the wall and listened to them arguing. The girl wanted some money for
the drugs that she sold to him but he scammed he so both of them were shouting
but suddenly I see a gun in the boy’s hand and he shot the girl because she
told him that she would tell the principal that he is a drug addict so as I was
raising my hand to stop him, the time stopped and the boy couldn’t move so then
I found myself back in time and the boy was still threatening the girl with the
gun but didn’t shoot her yet, so I knew that I should do something to save the
poor girl’s life, so I pushed the emergency button and they both left running.
I found out that the boy was Christian Virgo, one of the richest kids in the
school and his family owns the school and has a good name in the city, I was
shocked that one of the most honored families in the city have a kid like this.
I went to the principal to tell him about the boy but he principal didn’t
believe me because his family are honored people, they are like the Wayne
family in Gotham. On my way home I found Christian fighting with the girl so I
went and stopped him then he tried to get his gun out but I punched him in the
face and told him to stop bullying other kids. I then introduced myself to the
girl and she introduced herself to me and I found out that she was my best
friend in the old school and that we were neighbors but we were split up after
the death of her father, and her mother and she moved out. Her name is Olivia
green and she was one of the most respectful kids ever but after her father’s
death she started going on drugs and smoking weed. From the enthusiasm that we
both felt, we decided to walk along the beach ,our favorite place, to chat
about our new lives, then we decided to get brunch at the diner her mom was
working at. On the way to the diner we saw an SUV and there was a man named
Charlie and his dog  Barry, suddenly Charlie
attacked us and told Olivia to give him back his money and she stalled him
because she is broke for now. After we arrived at the diner I told her about my
power and we had a couple of tests such as she asking me what was in her pocket
and I answer wrong then she shows me everything she has in her pocket then I go
back in time and tell her the right thing.

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   The next day I hear
a girl goes missing for two months and her name was Claire and she was in the
school that I am in so I asked Olivia if she knows her and she said that Claire
is her best friend after she moved out, Olivia also noticed that Charlie was
wearing Claire’s bracelet. I promised Olivia that we will go to talk to Charlie
but after I return from school. While in school , a boy named Marco was bullied
because someone drugged him at a school party and made him out of his
conscience then forced him to be naked and danced in front of the camera and
the video was published on the internet. In the break Marco decided to commit
suicide by jumping of the school so I went back in time but something weird
happened, I got a nosebleed and the time was constant and nobody moved, I was
wondering why time totally stopped but didn’t just keep moving after rewinding
it. I began to feel dizzy but walked as fast as possible to the roof of the
school, after I arrived at the roof of the school time began to move so I
talked to Marco and convinced him that people care about him and he decided to
keep fighting the bullies and I was glad that I could use my powers to do good
deeds. After I arrived at Olivia’s home we went to ask Charlie why does he have
Claire’s bracelet and he was angry at first but I told him that we will give
him his money back soon. He gave us pictures of him and Claire, apparently she
was his girlfriend and from those picture I knew the meaning of true love. I
have never seen Claire before but from the pictures I knew that she was an
interesting, caring, kind person. Olivia and I searched for clues to find her
but we didn’t find any so we broke into the principal’s office at night by
using my powers, and we found out that she had a lot of problems with Christian
and we found in the principal’s drawer some bribe money from Christian to the
principal so we considered that we will do better deeds with it such as paying
Charlie his money back but I had a demand which is Olivia promising me that she
will never buy drugs again, and at first she was reluctant then she promised me
that she will be clean from now on; we took the money and left. The next day we
went to Charlie and gave him his money back, then I told Olivia to go to the
boys’ dorm and check out Christian’s room and phone while I distract him in
school. After school period I asked Olivia about what she found and she told me
that there were threatening messages and scratches under the couch so she
pushed the couch and she found papers about a bunker purchase near the
graveyard. We went to check out the bunker and there was a hidden room under
the bunker but it worked with codes so there were numbers that are faded so we
tried them in different combinations until we found the right one, we entered
the room and it had photos of drugged students in the wall and they were forced
to pose for the photos and we saw pictures of Marco and Claire. We saw a big
poster saying the dark room and we saw papers talking about that our English
teacher is connected to this dark room somehow and we saw a bookshelf full of
files, we checked out the files and we saw a picture of Claire buried in the
graveyard, Olivia noticed that she know the exact place in the graveyard
because she used to go there a lot. We went there and saw that she was dead and
Olivia was heartbroken but suddenly the English teacher and Christian came from
the back of Olivia and I and drugged us. The next thing we know is that we are
in the dark room, tied to a chair, and photos of me beside me. The picture was
torn from my diary so I looked at it and I saw Olivia and I when we were young
but while looking I heard sounds coming out of the photo so I focused more and
the next thing I know is that I went back in time in that picture and playing
with a 12 year old Olivia. I then realized that this is the night where her
father dies but I didn’t want to change that because I knew that there will be
painful consequences for that. When the photo dream finished I was at the dark
room again so I came up with an idea and it is to find a photo that I took near
this time and focus on it and change the past so I can change the future. Near
my diary on the floor I saw a photo that I took with Olivia the day before we
were drugged, I focused on it and returned back to that time then I told Olivia
everything that will happen, so we came up with a great plan which is to do
everything as we did in the day that we got drugged except not going to the
grave instead we will call the school security and cops to go there and search
for the English teacher and catch him because he has a drug and an armored
weapon in his back pocket that I saw while he was picking up Olivia from the
ground when he drugged her. The next day I see in the newspapers that our
English teacher will be locked up in jail for his child abuse and for breaking
the law by carrying an unauthorized gun with him.

      The next day my
first dream at school came true and an earthquake happened and so while the
earthquake was happening I passed out, while I was passed out I kept seeing
different thing happening at the same time like Olivia being the child abuse
and me being Claire so after waking up I found that the earthquake is happening
because I have altered time so many times that I am causing death and
destruction. I went to Olivia and she told me that I must find a photo near the
time that I saved and to let her die, I was in a dilemma either to save my
friend and the city being destroyed or killing my friend and the city being
saved. She begged me to save the city and she told me how grateful she was for
seeing me so I kissed her and promised her that I would fight and never give
then I  gave her my goodbyes. I searched
for a photo on my phone that I took near that time and found a selfie that I
took in the day that I got my powers before the French class by an hour. I kept
acting normally until I went to the bathroom and had to watch my best friend get
shot in front of my eyes. I had to fight as I promised, but the next week at
school I fought with Christian and I beat him up to death. At the court the
judges decided to give me a punishment to be jailed for the rest of my life for
killing a kid with no evidence that he killed someone. Jail was tough and I had
no way out so I kept fighting as I promised and the decrease my punishment to
be jailed for ten years only because of my good behavior. After ten years I was
grown up and worked as a school janitor because I never completed my education.
I never gave up although I hated my life but I kept cleaning schools and lived
my life like a normal janitor.



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