There are two main settings in this short story; they are London and Stock Moran in the countryside. London is the first the reader comes across with Helen stoner, Dr Watson and Sherlock Holmes. In London it does not go into detail at all of how the day was but it does in Stock Moran twice. The first is when Helen stoner gives her opinion of that night in which her sister was murdered. It was dark and stormy etc. This is described as gothic horror and brings an intense atmosphere to it.

The second is of the actual house. Stock Moran is described. It is shut off from everywhere else. This makes it isolated where screams cannot be heard for miles around bringing a most eerie sense to it. Parts of the windows were broken and blocked with wooden boards, while the roof was partly caved in. this is not like a manor house to be like this and forms a picture in the readers of a house looming upon a black hill isolated from the world and evil happening s going on inside. The house is rundown and grotty.

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With its mortgage hanging heavily over it and the owner almost in a state being bankrupt he cannot afford to rebuild it into its original state. In a detective fiction such as “The Speckled Band” without clues the mystery could not be concluded and rounded up and the whole meaning would have no meaning. The clues are not always objects they can be people and their role in the whole mystery like what motive they have and why. The motive that drives Dr Roylett holds is a typical money scheme.

If the daughters engages in marriage they receive 500 pounds, each which was a big amount in them days. So the plan that Roylett had in his devious mind was to kill both of them and collect the money himself and pay for the mortgage for the house. All of the clues may make a bit of sense to us like the ventilation vent above the bed but apart from that we cannot properly fit them together like Holmes can and he rounds up by telling us them and explaining how each one took its own role in the act of murder.

He then tells Watson who is the narrator of the story, which then enables the reader to hear the final conclusion of it. My overall round up of it is that the story was well written and as I explained at the beginning it had the perfect ingredients for a good story. The thing that I liked most about it and what I like about in every story is the twist at the end. It was most certainly unexpected and how it was done was clever as well. As the Sherlock Holmes would say ‘its elementary my dear Watson! ‘

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