Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories were written over a hundred years ago. They are antiquated and out dated and have nothing to offer a modern day reader. Discuss In the 19th century, over one hundred years ago, a famous man named Arthur Conan Doyle created one of the best-known detectives of all time. Sherlock Holmes. In the times of Conan Doyle and his books, England was a much different place than as we know it to be today. The main difference was that the women were inferior to men. They got paid less and were treated like slaves.

This is a lot different today. Almost everything about the 19th century was set at a lower standard, for example the children got an extremely worse education than they would today because of the funds available and worst of all the police force was considered terrible. They were mainly unsuccessful in their investigations and many people were not happy with them. This made them very unpopular with the public and gradually the crime in England started to increase in numbers. Then came Sherlock Holmes. He seemed to solve the problems of the police perfectly.

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He could solve more crimes than the police could and he had a fantastic reputation with the public. Even he regularly mentioned in the books that he disapproved of the police force. When Conan Doyle wrote the Sherlock Holmes’ books, he intended them to be read in the current time period. The language that is used now is different in many ways to what it was back then. When you read a Sherlock Holmes story you might find it hard to understand for various reasons. Firstly, the sentence length in most paragraphs is extremely long.

This can make it hard to understand as you get no gaps for you to catch your breath and it’s harder to take in a long sentence and understand it rather than many short ones. Another reason that makes Sherlock Holmes stories hard to understand is the use of long, complex and maybe even old-fashioned words. Strange structure to the Conan Doyle stories can also help confuse the modern day reader, as we are not so used to that in the books that are written and we are reading now. Doyle uses many techniques to gain and maintain the readers interest.

This is extremely important in a story because if the readers interest is not kept, they will get bored quickly and not bother reading on. That could lead to a disadvantage for Doyle, as not many more of his books would be sold. One technique Doyle uses to get the readers interest is the use of realism. One way he shows realism is by making sure that his characters are not out of the ordinary or unreal. They are quite believable and if you were to know that they existed in real life then it would not come as too much of a shock. Holmes is not some kind of super genius as some people would say and he is not unreal when he solves cases.

He is just exceedingly superior in his job and nobody that we know of can outsmart him. Another way that Doyle creates realism in his books is by adding dates into them. In most of the short stories he adds a date to show when an event happened, for example when he wanted to show what the date was when Watson was reading his book Doyle included a date to show when it was. This date makes the story seem a lot more realistic as the date makes the event seem like it has actually happened. The final technique I found that makes the story more realistic is the background of the characters in the story.

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