The use for athletic trainers as went up significantly. The world has developed many new athletes and sports teams.  They all need someone there to take care of the injured players. That’s where the athletic trainer comes in because they will either treat the player or wrap them and send them to the doctor for further evaluation. They do as much as they can before they send their athlete to the doctor. An athletic trainer is very important in sports, especially with sports with physical contact.

An athletic trainer helps athletes by preventing and treating injuries from the bone and muscle and also other diseases. They work with people of any age and any sport. They can give out rehabilitation programs to help the athlete’s injury. They provide tape, bandages and braces for athletes who are injured so their injuries are contained till they can see a doctor.  But they aren’t certified to give out any kind of medicine besides Tylenol and ibuprofen.

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Most athletic trainers work in the education area like public, private and local schools. Some work with professional sports or local, state or private hospitals, also they can be self-employed but it is not as common to see. They even work with the military, law enforcement and performing artists. They always work full time because most places don’t hire more than one athletic trainer. If they work for a sporting team they often work longer hours than usual, weekends and do a whole lot of traveling. But they get paid a lot of money for doing all these things. If they work in any kind of school they will get up to $48,170 per year. As to where you work at a hospital or work with a fitness center you will make from $44,000 to $45,500 per year.

For them to become an athletic trainer they need to go to a university or college for at least four years and earn your bachelor’s degree. Some positions as an athletic trainer would prefer for them to have a master’s degree. Also while they attend college they have to take a science class like biology, anatomy, physiology, and nutrition class. They also have to have certain qualities to be an athletic trainer. Not just do they have to know how to fix an injury but to be patient with their patent they must provide sympathy for their athlete.

In conclusion, an athletic trainer does a lot especially for a sports team. They have to deal with a lot of athletes which calls for total concentration and patience. They have to provide care to all injured players. Their patents are in a lot of pain so you have to remain calm at all times. Being an athletic trainer is tiring but it’s worth it. 

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