The emergence of social movements in Taiwan can be traced back to the early 1980s. It is a rally against the system of martial law implemented since 1949. The various social movements that took place during this period mainly demanded that the Kuomintang authorities revise their policies and lower down their control over the society. Social movements emerged during the period of authoritarian control. That makes Taiwan’s civil society organized at the first time under KMT’s authority.                The biggest result of the interaction between the government and civil society during this period was the promotion of the lifting of martial law in 1987. Due to the realization of martial law, civil society has been mobilized to obtain the protection of the movement. And after the dissolution of the development of political liberalization, it will help civil society raise further issues of appeal. Civil society was more active and greatly promoted the prosperity of the social movement.                To Kuomintang authorities, although the choice of lift restrictions is forced by the control of pressure of all parties, the basic starting point and the main purpose of making this decision is in the attempt to reconstruct the political opposition forces and effective integration of civil society. However, once political liberalization is opened, it is difficult to stop the pace of social movements or limit the scope of their activities. Social movements quickly broke the bottom line formulated by the policy of political liberalization, which was unexpected and unwilling to be seen by the government.                The article mentioned about “Wild Strawberry” issue in Taiwan. “Wild Strawberry” is a movement for a period of one month’s sit-in action. The goal of this movement is focusing on police violated basic human rights while doing their work in peacekeeping operations during the second Chiang-Chen talks. And also the unjustified restrictions on the freedom of assembly in the parade. The main activists in the event are students, who have expressed their intention to use rational and peaceful protests as a means of reaching appeals. 

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