The First time Victor encounters the monster since he departed home, the monster gives him a full frontal story of how his miserable life has been going until that point. He is shocked at how well educated he is and how articulate and intelligent the monster appears. So the monster gives an account of how he learnt the language. He was in a small hovel next to a hut looking through a crack upon a poor family called the De Laceys. They were a family of three, with a blind father. The monster not only learned the language that they spoke, but how kind, gentle, and generous they all were.

Till this moment, every encounter he had with a human, he had been beaten or they fled! This then gave him confidence that not all humans were alike, and that this particular family were different. He concluded that this family were like chalk and cheese to the past humans and would not be prejudiced against him. This also created more feelings of emotions, like jealousy, loneliness, and of course guilt. The guilt because he stole food from them, and he realised how poor they were and struggling in life. So he decided to repay them by giving them wood and food, to make their lives easier.

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The family were confused, but grateful all the same. The monster also realised that even though the family went through problematical times, they all still managed to cope and be decent people. One day, unexpectedly, a guest had knocked at the door. Agetha answered the knocking; to see that it was a young Arabian girl called Safie. An ecstasy filled the De Laceys. Due to the fact that she was foreign, the family taught her how to speak French. The monster listened very carefully to each word and acquired the language as she did. The monster applied with his enthusiasm to learn, rapidly.

After a while the monster could eventually capably read and write. Safie’s father was ‘falsely’ accused of a crime and was condemned to death. Felix visited him in prison and met Safie there, who he instantaneously fell in love with. Felix then lucratively produced a get away plot for her father, but it was found out and Felix’s family was defunct. So they inhabited in Germany in the now cottage which they live in. Safie’s father attempted to force her to go with him to Constantinople, but she ran away with a little bit of money, and she knew where Felix lived, and successfully discovered the premises.

The monster, collecting wood at night stumbled across some books. The books were ‘Sorrows of Werter’, ‘a volume of Plutarch’s Lives’, and ‘John Milton’s Paradise Lost’. He was raring to learn more and he takes them back to his homely hovel. The monster learned a great deal each day about life, mainly from watching reading and listening. As I said before, the father is blind. One day, the children decided to go for a long walk. So the monster takes advantage of his craving while the rest of the family are out. He knocks and enters the abode extremely nervously, “My heart beat quick; this was the hour and moment of my trial….

” The monster was too slow in telling the man his full story, and everyone else burst in, with the shock of a hideous creature standing next to a vulnerable old blind man, they think he is attacking him. The monster could easily tear them, limb from limb, but he loses all hope and strength. He ran away and was so outraged, that he burnt the house down and marched into the forest. “…. The cottage door opened, Felix, Safie, and Agetha entered. Who can describe their horror and consternation on beholding me? ….

Felix darted forward and struck me violently with a stick. I could have torn him limb from limb…. But my heart sunk within me and I refrained. ” Monster is prejudiced by humanity, so monster uses his ‘super strength’, and ‘preys’ on humanity for revenge. This is then the beginning of the decline of the monsters soft heart….! Xavier H Keenan 148 5C (DF) Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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