A warm, dark glow of orange sunlight arched across the valley of trials when a young orc arrived at The Den. His name was Trotil, he was slightly nervous about entering The Den, so he hovered outside for a moment before he mustered up the courage to enter. Trotil was scared he knew that he was in for weeks of gruelling training to become a skilled shaman of the horde! He was there because he never knew who his parents were, as he was found by an old orc couple as a baby in the Southfury River. He wanted to become a powerful shaman so that he could search for his parents and help others who get an unfortunate start in life.

He hadn’t been properly educated though and was therefore not very clever. When he entered The Den Trotil was confronted by two massive orcs that were suited in full battle armour! Trotil introduced himself and told them why he was there, one of them grunted at the other and one of the guards walked off. Trotil was left at the entrance with the other bored looking orc waiting nervously at what was about to happen. The guard came back with a troll following behind, he said to Trotil, “How ya doin’ mon, I be Rin’jin, I’ll be a taking care o’ you while you train.

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Follow me ma brother, I be taking you to your room. ” Rin’jin led Trotil down the torch lit chambers of The Den into a room with about 6 other orcs and trolls who were all getting into bed. “Hey you lot, this be Trotil, he’s a new recruit, get him a bunk and go sleep, you be havin’ a hard day ahead of ya mon. ” The dawn broke over the valley of trials and Trotil was rudely awoken by another orc wearing some strange robes and muttering strange incantations. Trotil stared in awe as the orc finished his strange magic and a demonic imp appeared and was bound under his command.

The orc looked over to where Trotil was lying and said, “You better get up soon or the masters are going to punish you, umm… Trotil right? ” “Yes that’s me,” Trotil replied timidly. “Right ok, I’m Neltar, get some clothes on and get ready, it’s a tough first day here but it gets easier as you learn more. ” Trotil quickly grabbed some clothes and ran outside to try and find Rin’jin; he stepped outside and saw Rin’jin outside talking to another shaman. Trotil walked up slowly so that he didn’t interrupt their conversation, when Rin’jin was finished speaking with the other shaman he turned around to face Trotil.

“You be ready mon? ” Rin’jin asked. “It’s time for you to learn about where shamans get their power from. We shamans get all our power from the four natural elements, air, fire, water, and earth. To help you focus these powers we have different tests to attune yourself with each element. ” “I’m not so sure I understand you Master Rin’jin,” Trotil said quietly. “Ok young Trotil, I tell you what, take this earth totem and go into the wilderness and search within yourself for the power to call out to the earth spirits, speak with them and they will help you understand.

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