Elizabeth is different to John she too is a strong person but throughout the play she speaks quietly, even in the final scene. This is a cleaver device of using her tone. It makes the audience see her as calm and maybe even as though she has something to hide, this creates lots of tension between her and Proctor. Another device used for creating tension is the use of gestures. I particularly found Proctors gestures effective. His stage directions are very direct at the end ‘pause, for the first time he turns directly to her’.

However in recent scenes Proctor is very slow with his movements, I think that the reason that he starts to become direct in the final scene is because he knows that his time has come and he has to decide his own fate. He cannot be a coward over it anymore it is time to make the decision that will decide his fate . He wants to be very sure of himself and his decision. He uses the stage by striding across it ‘he strides to the mantel, takes down the whip hanging there. ‘ The stride is almost trying to reflect his personality as strong.

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I feel Proctor is a very strong person, one of the reasons why I think this is because he will not confess to witchcraft and ruin his name in the village. Elizabeth’s stage directions are very mild; she is staged with a very quiet gestures ‘delicately’. This is effective as the audience can see how she can keep her cool in tough situations, this makes her the strong person as I have mentioned before. However in the final scenes her stage directions begin to reflect onto her personality more ‘with courage now’ this helps the tension during Proctors confession scene.

I feel that if any of the stage directions had been different in any way the tension would be broken. At the end of the final scene there was a drum roll to represent the hanging of Proctor, Rebecca and Martha Corey. The tension at this point is already at a high point and I feel the drum roll was a very good way of sustaining it. Overall I feel the tension in the final scene is dramatically effective. At the end of the play the audience are left feeling very tense, this made the play very effective for me. I feel Miller had the objective to create lots of tension and dramatic events during the play.

If this weren’t one of his objectives to achieve in the play I feel the play wouldn’t have been authentic. I feel Miller was very successful in creating tension and the high and low points made the play more exciting. I feel that the inspiration of the play was very cleverly done. Although I do feel that if the parallels between America and Salem were not pointed out for me I would not have noticed them. But I think it was a very clever device and made me more interested in the play because once I knew the similarities I felt it had more depth to it and was based on true situations.

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