assignment is based on the collaborative approach which provides efficiency when
working in a team. Within will be a list of the significant behaviours, with
two reflected behaviours will be explained and what the basis to the approaches
are and why they are important to
work together effectively. Lastly to end with a synopsis of how and why these
approaches can create the foundation towards effective team working.

begin, there are many classifications to what the collaborative approach is,
for instance most people would agree that it is working cooperatively with
others inside a workplace or educational endeavour. Additionally it is a team constructed
with diverse members, who have the tenacity to improve and  innovate the task given. (What Is Collaboration in the Workplace? –
Definition, Benefits & Examples, 2017)

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major components to working in a team are important when embarking on a group
project. It consists of decision -making,
problem solving, communication skills, persuasion and influencing skills,
feedback skills, skills in chairing meetings and conflict resolution.

skills are imperative in working within a group, why? Because in everyday life
feedback is given whether warranted or not and how to process it is vital. It
enables a number of positive outcomes by allowing developing plans for the
future, gain prospective on what is good, emphasises quality of performance and
amend the rooms for improvement.

fact, www.LinkedIn.com have evidentiary support to back this up,
65,672 employees at Gallup an independent advisory company found out the

of employees say they would work harder if they felt their efforts were better
recognized. 92% of respondents agreed with the assertion, negative
(redirecting) feedback, if delivered appropriately, is effective at improving
performance. Nearly 60% of survey respondents reported that they would like
feedback on a daily or weekly basis” (5 Employee Feedback Stats That
You Need to See, 2017)

seen employees feel the need for feedback to rely on reflective performance
with the stats at a high percentage. What is striking is the high level of
workers within Gallop is the need for negative feedback directed appropriately clearly
state that it would improve performance is beneficial. 

conflict resolution majorly connected to feedback skills due to the retrieval of
a subject matter. It is one of the cardinal rules of conflict resolution relies
on the presentation of feedback. Presenting feedback, which is passive, will
ultimately take the receiver into defence mode. It is about attacking the
problem and not the person.

www.Robynshort.com and their Workplace Conflict and How
Businesses Can Harness It to Thrive the. The article states that 85% of all
employees will succumb to conflict at some level in the work places. With 49%
resulting in conflict of warring personalities and the clash of egos.

will always be in the workplace but through applications and thought process,
it is preventable. Well thinking before speaking is a key aspect it, why  cause above all there should only be comments
made on how they have behaved. Professional boundaries are broken when aspects
of intelligence, personality, what their beliefs are or any other personal
subject matter brought forward. (2011-2017, n.d.)    

importantly, it may be argued why there is a need to have skills in conflict
resolution. Well www.Robynshort.com found that employees who have undertaken
conflict resolution courses of 60% said they feel the need to pursue win-win
results. 85% proclaim to have a proactive attitude when conflict did arise then
the conflict were perceived not personally.

conclude that the evidence provided in this assignment has given a clear
understanding of what working effectively with others is and have an
understanding of the behaviours. Secondly that a definite understanding of the
chosen characteristics is explained and the evidence is statistics has been
significant to why having these skills make working part of a team more

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