In concerns to physics, empirical evidence provides an objective process to find solutions to problems in a number of scientific and technological fields. Based on observations of a phenomenon, a scientist may generate a model. This is an attempt to describe or depict the phenomenon in terms of a logical physical or mathematical representation. As empirical evidence is gathered, a scientist can suggest a hypothesis to explain the phenomenon and by this way some progress may be caused in the area.

In nuclear physics, by several years of investigations and collection of data, scientist have concluded that is very useful for developed cities as it helps to save the limited supplies of coal and oil, as well as it produces more energy with less quantity of raw material. Mainly because one ton of uranium produces more power than several million tons of coal and petrol, also nuclear energy reduces the environmental pollution.

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Therefore is correct to say that it is a progress, mostly in the way of ecological issues, but it also involves a great hazard, as the nations of the world have enough nuclear bombs to kill every person in Earth, without taking into account how unstable this kind of energy is. In the other hand economists use empirical evidence in a more subjective way, as human behavior is relatively unpredictable, as each individual in a society may react differently towards a circumstance.

Based on observations and experimentations the social sciences look for a calculation on how society will react towards something, but clearly mixing subjectivity with objectivity. Because of experience some people may know how others will react in case of a crisis. Economists are sure how a nation will respond towards a depression or inflation, since there are theories and experiences from past years. But economists may not predict the impact of nationalizing or privatizing certain company, it depends more in the point of view or the biases of individuals.

Having this kind of knowledge may generate a progress in some aspects in a certain economy. Going back to the example of inflation, according to the theories, a relatively good and high value of inflation will lead to a decrease in unemployment; because prices are high firms will be willing to hire more people to expand their production. Unquestionably it will signify some progress in concerns to the new population that is employed and the gross domestic product of the country, but for those that continue to be unemployed; their purchasing power is going to be less as inflation means a raise in the price level of all products in the market.

I can highlight that well studied empirical evidence should absolutely compose some progress in the areas of knowledge discussed before. But what is also true, is the fact that an improvement will then cause damage to another area, lets named it immorality, mediocre or incapable people, violence, egoism and disequilibrium of resources. In the case of physics, scientists can discover a series of data that enables them construct machinery that can make human work in half of the time and without needing too a large amount capital.

Without questioning, this can be called a progress in the production of certain goods, but the consequences of this development may cause dependence on technology, leading to a mediocre and incompetent society. Observing this situation from the economic point of view, this will create the unemployment rate to increase as machinery is replacing human labor, leading to another series of problems, as the hysteresis effect or even more delinquency. Here is when immorality and maybe violence take place.

Is evident that this circumstance will be favorable for a small amount of people, unfortunately the great majority will see this condition in a negative and destructive way, leading to a bad allocation or disequilibrium of resources. With the stated before is difficult to say how empirical evidence should be used as some part of the population will be affected by a certain progress. In concerns to physics, a useful way to examine empirical evidence for progress will be in the manner of proving theories and hypothesis that are assumed to be truth which will be the case of the Big Bang theory.

The recent investigations of scientists about the particle accelerator will certainly be the kind of evidence employed for investigating that theory. This will not necessarily imply a progress to the population in the way of quality of life or any similar aspect, but unquestionably will signify an improvement in the science community as that kind of discovery will be another step into knowing how the Earth was created. In the other hand the better way to examine empirical evidence in economics will be for an improved allocation of resources in order to have a more equilibrated income distribution.

This can be done by analyzing information as the assumptions for inflation and unemployment, and conjectures about possible solutions that are taken by past experiences on the country’s economy. By examining deeply this kind of information, crisis like the one the world is experiencing nowadays can be prevented, thus avoiding all the social and economic cost it implies. In conclusion is suitable to present the idea that progress is a very subjective word, where depending on the situation, biases and points of view can really change its meaning of improvement or development.

Is also palpable that with new researches based on empirical evidence, society will continue to observe an advance in some areas, let’s name them technology, medicine, comfort or improvement of quality of life. However as I stated before morality, capability, equilibrium and religion will definitely be affected. A mid point involving the advantages and disadvantages of progress will also be subjective, as it depends on the perspective and circumstances of each individual. As everything in life some people will be negatively affected while others will take advantage of it.

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