Education was also necessary for success of democracy and providing it stability. Equal opportunity to every one is the basic principle of democracy and there should be no partiality in its implementation.

The success of democracy is possible only when a citizen is aware of his responsibility, rights as well as his duty towards others. This required a positive change in the mental outlook of the people.

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The Second World War had shown that the members of the so-called civilized and cultured society, if misguided, could commit brutal acts that would put to shame even the barbarous communities of the past. This can only be called social backwardness or lack of social sense. Conduct occupies an important place in society.

Despite being civilised, people generally do not understand their duties and responsibilities nor do they make proper use of their rights. All this leads to the conclusion that in his basic attitude man possesses instincts similar to the instincts of an animal. It is only by his refined conduct that man can make a civilized society.

A cultured person will pay due regard to the feelings of others. And in order to adopt this civilized attitude man has to be educated. Thus, it is clear that the provision in our Constitution for educating every-one upto a certain age is a national necessity.

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