I agree with Miller’s view that Eddie had ‘appeared as a kind of illogical sport’, and that ‘one might dislike this man, who does all sorts of frightful things. ‘ The ‘Frightful things’ he does includes betraying his cousins and calling the immigration bureau, kissing Rodolph on the lips after he kissed Catherine, and then running to Marco with a knife in his hand trying to kill him at the end of the play. However, I do pity him. Apart from his improper love, Eddie is a good man and he could’ve had a normal life. His original love as father and daughter love toward Catherine, and his sense of duty for his family and community had shown this.

It was pointed out that he rustled work for his family when Catherine was still a baby. He did not want to admit he loves Catherine the wrong way either, and that this thought was buried deep down in his consciousness he doesn’t even realize it himself. He is human. He is self-interested like anyone else could be, and that he was just standing up for his own justice all the way long. Yet this fatal flaw :Eddie’s jealousy and over protectiveness toward Catherine had made Alfieri and other people watch ‘powerless’ and led to the tragedy at the end of the play.

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His love toward Catherine had destroyed his honour toward his community, which was ironic since he was the one telling his family never to betray the illegal immigrants. But he didn’t understand an important fact: you can’t control a person’s personal choice; you can only hope to influence them. But at the end, trying to control someone else’s life might ruin your own. Just as it did to Eddie, when he was killed by his own knife turned against by Marco. From the other character’s point of view through the play, Eddie was a nice and decent man who has a nice wife and a nice niece.

To Catherine, Eddie is her guardian, her father. She always trusted and cared about Eddie, and she doesn’t want to see him sad or worried. She never realized that Eddie loved her the wrong way and jealous towards Rodolpho’s relationship with her. According to Beatrice, she is still acting like a child when she is around Eddie: sitting on the edge of the bath tub when he’s shaving and walking around in her slips. At the point where the drunken Eddie kissed her and Rodolpho, Catherine felt rage and anger toward Eddie, maybe even hatred.

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