The russian intervention began after the
syrian requested military aid against jihadist groups and other rebels. The intervention mainly consisted of air strikes fired
by Russian aircraft stationed in the Khmeimim base. Russians main way to stop
the war is by supplying the syrian military with equipment.

A short time after the
operation started, Russian said that apart from fighting terrorist
organisations such as ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), Russia
helped the Syrian government retake territory from other anti-government groups
that were labelled by the U.S.

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One year later this
intervention lead to syria recapturing Palmyra from ISIL, retaking the major
city of Aleppo and finally establishing full control over that city. Under this
time the Russian’s  had nineteen thousand combat missions and they
delivered seventy one thousand strikes against the terrorists. But this was not
a perfect solution to the terrorism because after just one year Russian air
strikes killed at least one thousand and seven hundred civilians and more than
two hundred children. There was a lot of concern about this and the number of
dead civilians started to grow larger. One year later there was almost six
thousand civilians reported dead. After the first two years the russians have
been able to stop around four thousand ISIS members and four thousand militants
from other rebel groups.


By late 2016 the
russian’s had about sixty airstrikes every day, while the American average
around seven. The Russian airstrikes have been proven to be effective against
ISIS oil supply and oil routes in in the syrian desert. Around two hundred and
nine Syrian oil facilities were destroyed during the airstrikes and also up to
two thousand transport equipments. During this time the Russians have had nine
thousand airstrikes and this have helped the Syrian Army to capture four
hundred towns and ten thousand square kilometers of new territory. The Russian
intervention has been proven to changing the hole Syrian Civil War and Putin’s
decision to intervene in Syria with his jets, military advisers and all of the
weapons they successfully turned the Syrian army and allowed it to switch from
defence to offence.


The Russian military
announced that they started to send military to Syria to patrol two new safe
zones. They did also later setup checkpoints and monitoring posts around safe
zones in the southwest Syria and Eastern Ghouta.

2017 was a very
successful year for this intervention because they were able to recapture a
bunch of towns and areas. In late 2017 the Russian said that they had completed
twenty eight thousand combat missions, and about ninety thousand strikes during
there intervention in Syria.


I would call this
intervention semi successful because they succeeded in recapturing a huge part
of their territory and without the Russians I don’t think that they would have
been this successful or even close to doing anything. But some things that
wasn’t so good during this intervention is that they killed a lot of civilians
and they spent a lot of money for all airstrikes. They also destroyed buildings
and land during the explosions. I know this comes as considens after a
intervention that involves airstrike but I don’t believe that they did it in a
correct manner because they almost killed more civilians than terrorist just to
get there land back. So it feels like the airstrikes wasn’t that well planed. I
also believe that the russians tried to solve everything as fast as possible
instead of taking their time to help Syria in a better way. I still believe
that the intervention was successful because they were able to give the Syrian
army a headstart in the right direction and they wouldn’t have come anywhere
without the help from Russia.


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