The most critical element that entices me when applying to
NYU is not only its most versatile and superior location in the world (New York
City ????- things that pop up in my mind: Statue of Liberty, Times Square,
Brooklyn Bridge, fashion, architecture, varied cuisine and of course your
friendly neighborhood Spiderman) but also its diversity in terms of student
body, professors and academic interests plus it is hard to forget innovations
and research done here.


 I cannot keep myself
away from being surrounded with intellectually minded peers and brilliant
diverse professors and scholars from all over the globe at a single place
working together for the betterment of society and hugely contributing towards
the financial and social development of not only the New York City but also the
entire world. I would be pleased to be a part of this industrious community
full of diversity and enthusiasm. This is one such place in the world, where I
would love to not only build my skills but also would enjoy working with others
to give everyone a helping hand.

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It is truly hard to forget the vast major discoveries,
inventions and innovations done at New York University Tandon School of
Engineering like the first wireless microphone, first telephone handset, electric
motor, A/C generator, application of Teflon as a non-stick coating and some
crucial ones like the Brooklyn Bridge cables and a cable-lift elevator
developing the New York City, its innovations and uses could be reflected in
our daily lives.


 These all factors
enthusiastically motivate me to apply at New York University – Tandon School of
Engineering so that I could chase my passion of pursuing Computer Engineering
at the world’s leading research institute; hold on why computer engineering? –
Well, that’s because I derive pleasure when I code programs in C++ language,
develop virtual machines and design computers and also invent operational
scientific models (so basically all-thing tech).


After landing in NYU, which I strongly hope, I want to make
an impeccable diverse peer connection with my future colleagues so that we can
also positively tackle challenging issues around the world with better
application of our knowledge, experience, and skills that we would have
mastered at the NYU. Even, I would want to significantly contribute to the
NYU-family by joining Student Senators Council of NYU and being action-oriented
in carrying out my duties and responsibilities.


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