In this essay, I intend to compare the two stories and decide which one I prefer between, the darkness out there and The Lumber-room. The lumber-room is set in the Edwardian times, the main character is called Nicolas, and he is a young child, who is growing up and realising that every thing is not as it seemed, he sets out to seek attention by being mischievous and end’s up proving his aunt wrong and using her own lie’s against her.

Nicolas puts a frog in his own bread and milk, probably to shock his aunty, but when his aunt insists constantly that there was no frog in his bread and milk to keep things calm and normal he knew there was being guilty of this act and try’s to prove the aunty is wrong without admitting to the fact. Then he makes a fool and out wits his aunt in to thinking that he was trying to get in to the gooseberry garden, where he had been banned from visiting, because of the mornings earlier event’s.

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She sat in front of the door watching the entrance to the gooseberry garden trying to stop him from getting in, so he changed his tactics and went inside to look in the lumber-room. He found all sorts of treasures and books he also highlighted how he sees adults, as boring and to serious. “It was probably the first time for twenty years that any one had smiled in that lumber room. ”

Then he heard his aunt shouting for him, while she was searching for him, he had tidied up and then went to see what she wanted, she told him she had fallen in to the rainwater tank and told him he had to go and get a ladder, so she could get out. He knew it was his aunt, but this was his chance to get revenge for the lies she told earlier. He said that he did not believe she was his aunt, and that she was the evil one sent to tempt him in to the gooseberry garden, where he was not allowed, he knew not to push it to far and walked away so as not to get his aunt to annoyed so she wouldn’t punish him further.

He also showed her he is not as stupid as he may seem by telling her about the strawberry jam, but his aunt didn’t know it was there. In short, this story is about a young boy who’s trying to prove he’s not too easily frightened he’s imaginative and realises that adult’s are not with out there own faults, no ones perfect and it’s not only children who get mixed up. The darkness out there is a turning point story. In this story, there is a young girl about 13 – 15 years old.

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