These schools were termed as Modern Schools, Grammar Schools, Senior Classes, Junior Technical Schools and Trade Schools. Science or literature was given the necessary place in these schools. Modern schools were established according to the selective or non-selective centre schools. They were established in 1911 and 1912 respectively in London and Manchester.

These schools were established for those children between 11 and 15 years of age who came from Preparatory Schools. The Hadow Committee especially emphasised the establishment of these schools, because their curriculum was industry-centred and not narrow.

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The Hadow committee suggested that this curriculum should be of four year duration. The Committee recommended that at places where Preparatory Schools could not be established, Senior Classes should be opened.

Some Public Schools were also advised to run Senior Classes. The Hadow committee also recommended for opening some Technical Schools and Trade Schools for giving special industrial and vocational education. In these schools children of 13 years of age or over, alone could get admission.

This Committee also suggested that in place of elementary education the word primary education should be used. Primary education should be compulsorily given upto the age of 11 years. For this, establishment of selective and non-selective centre schools was considered.

The Committee further recommended that a written entrance examination should be taken for admission of 13 years old children in Junior Technical Schools. If possible, an oral examination should also be taken. All the Post-primary Schools should be called Secondary Schools.

The Committee also provided for the provision of the School Leaving Examination for admission in Selective Centre Schools, Non-selective Centre Schools and Senior Classes.

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