The concept of branding has long been popular in the business world as a way to market various

Goods and services. Not surprisingly, different places—cities, regions, nations—have for different purposes and in different ways, also adopted branding to market themselves. Research on place marketing has been conducted for at least 20 years, and as places have become more sophisticated and comprehensive in marketing and have started to adopt branding strategies, researchers have developed a greater understanding of this social process. Now new tool is used to enhance the place. It is said to be the place branding. Place branding enhances the development of region or a place not only in terms of leisure and tourism but also in terms of attracting inward investment, enhancing the existing culture and heritage, developing facilities for local residents and welcoming new residents, employees and skilled migrant. (Hankinson, 2007).place branding implies the subsuming of different marketing strategies under an overarching strategy of promoting a brand that is meant to communicate a place’s general identity. Places have been promoting their attractions and their images throughout history, because they have always needed to attract settlers, customers, visitors, traders, investors and the category of people we today call ‘ influencers. As international place branding authority Simon Anholt writes, “Unless you’ve lived in a particular city or have a good reason to know a lot about it, the chances are that you think about it in terms of a handful of qualities or attributes, a promise or some kind of story, That simple brand narrative can have a major impact on your decision to visit.” All of our decisions, whether they are as unimportant as buying an everyday product or as an important as relocating a company, are partly rational and partly emotional. No human activity is exempt from this rule, and the brand images of cities underpin the emotional part of every decision connected with those places, which in turn affects the rational part. For example “Paris is romance, Milan is style, New York is energy, Washington is power, Tokyo is modernity, Lagos is corruption, Barcelona is culture, and Rio is fun. These are the brands of cities, and they are inextricably tied to the histories and destinies of all these places. “In today’s globalized, networked world, every place has to compete with every other place for its share of the world’s consumers, tourists, businesses, investment, capital, respect and attention. Cities, the economic and cultural powerhouses of nations, are increasingly the focus of this international competition for funds, talent and fame”. The aim of the research is to determine whether it can be empirically proven that a place Coimbatore is in possession of a strong brand can attract more visitors and more investment. To know the perception of nonresidents awareness of the place brand Coimbatore. The research studies on place brand identity and place brand image based on different demographics.

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