The story opens with Kate Barron, getting a call from her daughter, Amelia’s prestigious private school, Grace Hall. When she arrives she finds out that Amelia had committed suicide by jumping off of the roof of the school, because she was accused of plagiarizing a paper. Kate is shocked and she doesn’t understand why Amelia would kill herself, she blames herself for not being an involved enough mother. After taking some time off work to grieve, Kate returns to work and recieves an anonymous text. The text reads “Amelia Didn’t Jump”. The text prompts Kate to re- open Amelia’s case and do her own investigating. After going through Amelia’s things, Kate finds suspicious hate notes in her daughters desk drawer, showing that Amelia was clearly bullied, something Kate had no idea about. Kate is skeptical of the suicide story and decides to find out what really happened to her daughter. From Amelia’s emotional narration, we discover what really went down in her life, and how she died. Amelia had been invited to join a clique at her school known as the Magpies, or “Maggies” for short. Although Amelia had promised her best friend, Sylvia that she would never join a club, she joins because she feels lonely and wants to be included. Amelia goes through hazing forced upon her by the Magpie’s leader, Zadie, which causes her to question her integrity. She is forced to prank teachers, cheat on several assignments, and post provocative photos of herself online. As Amelia starts to participate in more and more questionable activities, she wonders whether to stay in the Magpies or not, but the feeling of being popular keeps her there. She begins a secretive relationship with another girl in the Maggies named Dylan, who is Zadie’s best friend, She wants to tell Sylvia about the relationship, but is sworn to secrecy by the clique. After Zadie find out about the relationship between her best friend and Amelia, whom she hates, she decides to kick Amelia out of the Magpies and gets the rest of them to turn their backs on her and bully her because of her sexuality. They write her several hate notes and spread many rumors about her. After being hurt, Amelia confides in Sylvia about everything, and it turns out that Sylvia is not mad. Her and Amelia decide to write a letter to Dylan, asking why she turned her back. Instead of Dylan receiving the letter however, Zadie does, and she publishes it to the school blog, outing Amelia as a lesbian. In addition to ruining her relationship with Dylan, and her reputation within the school, Zadie frames Amelia for plagiarizing a paper, which causes her to be expelled from Grace Hall which ruins her chance of getting into university. Sylvia takes Amelia on a memory tour of Grace Hall, stopping at spots and telling her about their favourite memories at the school together to make her feel better. The last stop on the tour is the roof. While comforting Amelia, Sylvia receives an anonymous text that turns out to be from Zadie. The text explains that Sylvia’s boyfriend, Ian, was the one who took the provocative photos of Amelia, which heavily hinted at an affair between the two of them. This causes Sylvia to become enraged, and as she yells at Amelia, Amelia backs up too much and plummets to her death. After discovering all of this, Kate confronts Sylvia and finds out that the anonymous text was from her, and she felt extremely guilty. Sylvia is forgiven. Zadie gets sent away to a school for delinquent girls because of all the pain that she put Amelia through, and the Magpies, as well as all other cliques within the school are banned. Kate finally learns to cope with the fact that because of bullying, peer pressure, and her desire to be included, Amelia is truly gone.

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