(b) Helping the Cultural Development:

To-day, the definition of culture has now taken a wider form. In the secondary schools due to non-availability of technical education, mere bookish knowledge retards the all round development of a student.

The teaching of technical subjects along with the traditional subjects is necessary for the full cultural development of the student. The Commission, therefore, has recommended the inclusion of technical subjects in the curriculum.

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(c) Love of Dignity of Labour:

One of the main drawbacks of the system of acquiring knowledge merely through books has been that the student does not give due recognition to the dignity of labour.

It is because of this tendency that students prefer to work on lesser emoluments in offices where they can wear good dresses than in places where manual labour is required, though the emoluments may be comparatively much higher.

This happens because students do not appreciate manual labour and do not understand its dignity. It is felt that in the diversified curriculum, the students through the study of technical and vocational subjects will also realise the dignity of labour and have respect for it. This will also help the problem of their livelihood.

(d) Solving the Problem of Employment:

Due to unfavourable economic conditions, a large number of students give up their study after High School and try to enter some profession. But it is not possible to provide jobs for all of them. They have to choose some alternative.

It is due to this reason that the teaching of handicraft has been included in the curriculum, besides technical, vocational and commercial subjects. The students who learn handicraft do not depend for their livelihood on others, because they may set up their own enterprises.

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