The American revolution was caused by a combination of events. Before America was officially its own country, America was under British control. Americans believed they were treated unfairly by the British and this was mainly because of the high taxes that Americans had to pay to the British. ” England’s Congress had been passing laws placing taxes on the colonist in America (ncpedia.org)”. This was probably the main cause for the American revolution because the Americans felt like the British were taxing them for no in particular reason, the taxes weren’t helping to improve America rather the taxes were used to improve Britain. The most popular taxes that Americans had to pay were the “Sugar act in 1763, Stamp act and there were other laws that require the Americans to pay the British”. The stamp act was the worst because the law applied to every American, the Stamp act, required Americans to pay taxes on every piece of printed paper that was used. Another event that lead to the American revolution was the French and Indian war which was fought in North America between the French and the British. ” The French and Indian War began in 1754 and ended with the Treaty of Paris in 1763. The war provided Great Britain enormous territorial gains”(history.state.gov). When the war was over , the war left Great Britain with huge amounts of debt ” it’s been said that the debt was around 70,000,000 and it’s believed the American colonist paid about 25,000,000″. This probably really took a toe to the Americans workers who had families. Americans got enough of the taxes and thy logically come up with reasons why they’d be alright without Britain, one was Britain was miles away, it takes about 13 hours in a plain and about 2 to three months in ships. Second was ” parliament was elected by people living in England, and the colonist felt that lawmakers living in England could not understand the colonist needs”. This was the most reasonable reason why America should have been an independent country. “The Americans colonist felt that since did not take part in voting for members of parliament in England they were not represented in parliament, so parliament did not have the right to their money by imposing taxes”. If Americans were not represented in the House of Parliament then Americans had the right revolve. Taxes were the main reason on to why American revolution took place, taxes combined with a few other events.         “In 1783, the American and the British came to term and agreed to on a treaty to mark the end of the revolutionary war”. The treaty acknowledged and recognized United States of America as it own nation and not under Britain. ” the treaty was signed by John jay, Benjamin Franklin, and John Adam, who negotiated the treaty for the U.S., David Hartley, member of the house who represented king George III”. With the treaty of Paris Signed , both nations agreed to follow a couple of guidelines, but the British failed to return former American slaves ,which was clearly stated in the treaty. The article seven stated that ” All prisoners on both sides shall be set at liberty, and his Britannic Majesty shall with all convenient speed, and without causing any destruction, or carrying away any Negros or other property of the American inhabitant”. This frustrated Americans and Americans had every right to be mad. “Thousand of American slaves were left in Britain mainly in London, most of the American slaves in Britain most likely starved to death or died from infectious diseases”. This brought Anger to the American people and also contributed to a really strong tension between Great Britain and the United States.         After the revolutionary war there were two key issues that still contributed great tension between the United States and Great Britain. One of the issue was Britain exported U.S. Markets,                   The american revolution was caused by a combination of events.        Did the British honor the treaty of 1783? They honored the majority of the treaty but they did not honor the the treaty to its fullest extent. Britain did not honor the treaty of Paris, the British were heavily focused on making money out of there colonist and sometimes greed comes with its own sequences. On  the other hand  Americans did not honor the treaty to the fullest extent, “The Americans did not honor the section about not confiscated loyalist property”. Americans not honoring the confiscated loyalist property was because The British were simply driving Americans crazy this was minor comparing to what the British did. In all fairness the British felt like they were losing their power, sometimes you do what you have to do to stay on top, the British wanted to stay on top. At the end Americans got what they wanted and become a nation all together. 

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