Our group worked on the play text ‘A View from a Bridge’ by Arthur Miller. In this response section I shall focus on the use of explorative strategies used to explain how the use of them enhance my understanding of the play. We had many group discussions on the play with in the class, which were extremely helpful to those who had not yet read the text. These discussions were a brilliant way of contributing your thoughts, and you ideas on the book to the rest of the class, and to with the rest of the class, learn more about the book, and analyse each detail of it.

Such discussions were on the characters, and various situations in the play, such as Eddie’s secret love for his niece. In a couple of instances in the group discussions, the parts of the characters in the text were allocated to people to become. This was the case in one our first lessons working from this play text. I was given the task of narrating Rodolpho’s part, which I found helpful to get me into role, however the Italian/American cross over accent was slightly too demanding for me though!

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Although I had given up my part of being Rodolpho, I found other people playing the parts just as good, it helped us get into to story, and our imagination flow, as we could visualise more clearly the type and persona of each character. Throughout the series of lessons we had concerned with this play text, we often did group work. On many occasions, we were all allocated in groups with our colleagues, and asked to create a scene based on a part of the play text given to us.

On one occasion, near the beginning of the course on the text, we were allocated groups and told to incorporate what we thought the characters were like into our acting, using facial and physical expressions. Like in performances previously done, we started the preparation of the scene by doing some group devising. The topic of our devising may have been the characters, the plot or the general circumstances of our scene. However it was an essential part of the drama to enable every one in the group to have some input in the scene, and to make sure all the details of the scene were finalised with everyone.

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