A trailer is a short motion picture that usually lasts for two to three minutes. The motion pictures shown are traditionally portrayed to the viewer accompanied by both sound and colour. A trailer cannot be any section of a film, it has to be carefully edited in a special way that will captivate the observer for that short time phase and convince them into seeing the film. The trailer can make the difference from a good film and a great film, not to mention the profit. In the Lord of the Rings trailer we see the “Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring” logo at both the beginning and end.

It is used to establish the trailer, it maybe shown twice as they want the title to stick in people’s minds. Both of the logos when shown are plain and simple, the opening being gold on a black background and the subsequent being white on again a black background. This may be because the directors want the viewer to memorize the somewhat distinctive logo for the future Lord of the Rings films coming soon. By being the only fixation on the display at one time the observer is totally committed to that one line of text, they identify and take in the scene.

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I have also noticed that when the logos appear there is no background sound to accompany them, which again is evidence that the directors want the spectator to remember the title. By the directors opting the film to have one dominant title “Lord of the Rings” and a subordinate title “Fellowship of the Ring” this prepares the spectator for more movies that will be under the focal title but as a fresh sub title. The next sub title will be “The two Towers” so therefore the next motion picture in the trilogy will be called “Lord of the Rings – The two Towers” and so on.

I assume the directors are trying to acquire the public to associate with the Lord of the Rings. At the conclusion of the trailer the final scene shows the website www. lordoftherings. net which people can visit for supplementary information if they have not been entirely captivated by the trailer already. This is a clever move by the directors as it is now an additional approach to sell the movie even after it has been viewed by the public, people will flock to the website every so often to get news and reviews on the impending motion picture in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

In the trailer alone we are not directly told who is starring in the film. There are no real-life actor’s names or even characters names displayed or stated throughout the preview. We draw closer to recognising the characters from prior films to formulate the star names. The target audience would identify the characters from previous films, that somewhat counterparts the genre of the Lord of the Rings. By screening the Lord of the Rings trailer we can tell promptly that it has undergone major quantities of editing time and effort to make sure the best picture viewing has been reached.

The trailer even has a structure, as do most movies, it consists of a beginning, middle and an end. At the beginning we are revealed bright colours for instance greens and whites which characterize the Hobbits, then we quickly experience a change in the mood of the trailer, we distinguish dark colours, blacks and greys which imitate the evil side of the Lord. This combination occurs throughout the trailer to create a theatrical, occasionally eerie and exhilarating atmosphere.

These two regions of the movie cancel each other out, making the viewer to move to the edge of their seats to see who will win, cleverly the directors have not concluded the expedition, and it is now almost a necessity for the viewer to see the film to terminate their suspense. Due to the quantity of editing, we are shown a variety of action scenes arraying from hasty horse chases to thespian fighting clips. The action is planned to capture as large an audience as achievable, to accomplish this assignment the editors must comprise different types of action scenes, or the film will come across as boring and dull.

In conclusion by using many altered procedures of action in the scenes, the target audience becomes generously balanced. An Irish singer named Enya sings the vast amount of the films theme music. She has beforehand known to sing unforgettable and vivid music. The trailer uses her tone to deliver to the addressees, that the film is a rapid heart-rending fantasy. The music is written to fit the frame of mind of the film. The music plays a fundamental role in both the trailer and the film; if the music were to be altered, it would not create the same mystical atmosphere it creates now.

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