n Ally Mcbeal the men and women are very different and these differences mount throughout the series there are defined gender roles in which we the observer can see the common aspects of masculinity that are shown and the common aspects of femininity that are also shown. We find that in the episode man are not in “touch” with their emotions because the find it hard to show emotion even during a time of grieving.

We find evidence of this when Richard Fish’s uncle dies and he is unable to cry, he is showing that perhaps it is less “manly” for a man to be seen crying and indeed this is a common stereotype about men. The only time the audience really see Richard’s emotions is in his court battle to be able to say how much his uncle detested short people at his funeral. He tries to mask his real feelings and barricades them through saying how much his uncle hated short people.

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I think that because Richard does not cry he is in a way conforming to what society expects from men and also because men are seen as strong and dominant they do not want to look less masculine especially in front of women. I think we could say that men are different to women here as there are unable to show their personal feelings whereas women in Ally Mcbeal are always telling each other how they feel and are always showing their emotions.

We could say this is demonstrated in the sisterly friendship between Ally and Rene, Ally always seems to be troubled in life and looks to Rene for advice. I think that women here are seen as capable of solving each others problems; they use each other as a kind of personal psychologist and tend to confined in each other unlike men. Another stereotype suggested in Ally Mcbeal is that men who are small are sometimes seen as less masculine because of their height.

I think that the writer tries to show to the audience that a small man such as John Cage is made to feel less of a man by people around him. Height is not necessarily looked at as something masculine or not masculine but in this episode demean the masculinity of John Cage, because Richard Fish is so intent in making small people feel smaller he in a way adds to the unpleasant atmosphere surrounding height and masculinity. I think men and women are also different as men such as Billy feel that they have high sex drives and sex is more physical rather than mental.

Women see sex as sacred but men on the other see it as currency and this is demonstrated through Billy who in an episode admits to have cheated on his wife on his bachelor night but doesn’t really seem as if he has many regrets. In what ways are men and women different in episodes of Ally Mcbeal.

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