The key paw is a supernatural story it was written in 1902 by W. W Jacobs. The story is about a monkeys paw from India it gave its owner 3 wishes but also bad luck W. W Jacobs use a range of techniques to build up suspense and crate a tense atmosphere. The story is set in the living room of the white family home ‘ but in the little living room of number 12 castle road it was nice and warm ‘. The setting is good for the story because the whether ‘yes it’s a bad night Herbere answered ‘ . the atmosphere out side was dark and gloomy.

The whites visitor is very interesting because he had bin to India and he had very interesting story’s ‘Morris told some interesting story’s ‘. When Mr. white mentions the paw to Morris, Morris face goes white ‘ the old soldiers face goes white ‘. It makes the reader think that the monkeys paw is dangers and scary. Morris tells s them that the paw gives 3 whishes but it gives you bad luck ‘my wife and son died in an accident in the car’. The fakir put a spell on the paw to teach us that it is not good to make changes.

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The sergeant majors face went whit and his voice went quietly ‘ but in the end he said quietly ‘. Morris will not let them have the paw but will let them take it. Tom gives Mr. white a several warnings to try to stop him ‘ but remember this monkeys paw brings unhappiness ‘. It gets the reader thinking what is going to happen with the paw. When Mr. white makes the whish the monkeys paw moves in his hand after a bit the family went to bed then the room went dark and cold and Mr. White sees a face in the window ‘ the old man sees a face at the window ‘.

The whish dose not works and Mr. White goes to bed. The reader is waiting is waiting for some thing bad to happen since it happened every other time, The whites are not in a good mode before they go to bed. A more relaxed atmosphere is crated by Jacobs as the whites family sit down at the table for breakfast and the ‘ winter sun ‘ comes though the window this helps to give a break in the tension. The reason the stranger creates suspense is because he is well dressed and Mr. and Mrs. Are not well off and don’t live in a nice area.

They do not now that he is here to give bad news about Herbert. The stranger had come form maw and meggins factory where Herbert worked to give the whites bad news. The bad news that shocks the whites is where he tells them that their son is dead. The reason the whites are shocked is because there son is dead and he his not coming back. Mr. Whit reacted by speaking very quietly and standing up slowly ‘ slowly he stood up and looked at the stranger ‘ It makes the reader believe that the paw is really evil like tom said.

Mrs. Whit wants to wish for her son back Mr. Whit thinks this is a bad idea because he thinks he will come back looking as he did when he died Mr. whit feels like this because he dose not want to see his son looking like he did when he died ‘ think are son was in the machinery for a long time ‘ When they are waiting for their son to come back the noises create a tension in the room by the noise coming from the front door ‘he began to go down stairs but suddenly he heard a noise at the front door ‘.

They know that it is Herbert because they have just wished for him to come back. The knocks are constant so they create tension. The reader thinks that Herbert is going to be at the door and be all cuts up. The reader feels that it a race between Mr. And Mrs. White , Mr. White is trying to find the paw and Mrs. Whit is trying to get to the door to open it . The reader feels like they mite of wanted to know what would of happened if Mr. White would not of found the paw and made the whish. Ghost story’s began in the late 19th century and early 20th century .

The ghost story’s developed by having more characters and settings . The features that can be seen in the monkeys paw are the dark streets and Herbert as a ghost. When I read the monkeys paw I realized that the tension went up and down this crated suspense in the story I throat that the monkeys paw is a good story to read . Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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