Junior Technical Schools and Trade Schools:

There are junior technical schools and trade schools for children at least 14 years old and who have passed primary education. Engineering, architecture, weaving, sewing and shoe-making, etc., are taught in the junior technical schools.

Book-keeping, short-hand and related subjects are taught in trade schools. In technical schools for girls, pre-nursing and house-wifely are taught.

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These schools prepare candidates for the examinations conducted by Royal Society of Arts or any other organisation of the same nature. Only few schools charge fees. Some general education is also given in these schools.

Evening Classes:

Provision for technical education in Great Britain has been very much developed through evening classes. Generally mechanics institutes run evening classes. Evening and continuation schools also provide technical education.

Evening classes are of junior and senior types. Due to the organisation of colleges of Further Education the importance of evening classes has declined. However, many evening-class schools are still preparing candidates for commercial diplomas.

Higher Technical Education and Institutions:

Royal College of Science, Central Technical College and Mining School have contributed towards the growth of higher technical education in the country. The Board of Education was very much impressed by the work done by these institutions in their respective areas.

A Departmental Committee under the chairmanship of Lord Haldane was appointed to look into technical education. On the recommendations of this committee a Royal Charter was issued for the establishment of the Imperial College of Science and Technology. This was later affiliated to London University which has contributed a great deal to the development of higher technical education in Great Britain.

The Technical Education Teacher:

The teacher of the junior technical school enjoys the same salary and other emoluments as a secondary school teacher. No specific qualification is laid down for the technical education teacher. His experience in the areas is considered as necessary.

The McNair Committee has given some suggestions for the training of technical school teachers. It was laid down that if not for full-time some part-time training should be given to technical school teachers.

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