At that time, the country needed such graduates who were trained from the scientific and vocational point of view.

Therefore, the Government took reformative steps in that direction. Keeping in view the poverty of the masses, free primary schools were established, necessary changes in the prevailing subjects were made and the curriculum was made scientific, vocational and technical according to the need.

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Denominational schools were made public. Thus changes in traditional, aristocratic and classified education were brought about.

Although, most of the people in America had migrated from Europe, yet many of them, belonging to different communities and groups, wanted to maintain their religious and political identities. Consequently, they did not co-operate fully in the centralisation of educational facilities.

By and by, this attitude changed towards nationalism and led to the centralisation of education. Thus prevailing education system began to change.

The industrial and political revolutions in France and England also affected the American atmosphere. Because of the industrial and political influence, an industrial plan was prepared in America.

In order that the students may contribute to the growing national progress, a plan for imparting different types of scientific, vocational and technical education along with general education was presented. As a result, provision for training in different occupational and engineering subjects was made in the curriculum.

The freedom of a country may be stable only when there is no shortage of educated, vocationally strong and noble citizens. So the general education of a free country must inculcate qualities of good citizenship.

This is one of the prime needs of a free nation. Vocational, industrial, technical and scientific education along with general education makes the citizens strong and capable. Such citizens can contribute significantly through their active co-operation to the progress and economic independence of the nation.

Thus, educationists in America rightly understood the need of making education all-round, multi-dimensional and multi-purpose in order to create responsible citizens in the country and society at large.

Accordingly, subjects connected with allied training were included in the curriculum. So, the aims of modern education in America seem to emerge in different forms.

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