Also this book may have made people think twice into bringing the dead back to life as people may have made people see what could happen if the dead were brought back to life. In 1818 misfits were outcasts in society; this meant that Mary Shelley’s book would have made people think about how they treated misfits. In 1818 female authors were less though of, so this led Mary Shelley to not put her name on the book for 13 years. This meant that ‘Frankenstein’ beat back at the sex stereotypes because it proved that women could write just as good books as men could.

Mary Shelley also described this in her book by making Victor Frankenstein judge people by their appearances. An example of this can be found in chapter three where Frankenstein tells us: ‘M. Krempe was a squat little man with a grunt voice and a repulsive countenance’. This shows how Mary Shelley put her feelings into the book, and tries to deliver the message that you shouldn’t judge people by appearances, which makes the narrative very effective as the reader can relate to it.

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The main opposition that the book would have had would have been from the church. This is because ‘Frankenstein’ was saying that the body has no soul, as it is the soul that gives us life. This means that ‘Frankenstein’ questions God and if he really exists. Also this was real life and if science proved that life came from electricity, it would prove the body has no soul and therefore question religion. This book outrages religious people as they thought Mary Shelley was contradicting God, his powers and all their beliefs.

The main message of the book is a warning of what would happen if someone tried to play God. It is also a caution to all the scientists and new technology at the time, to show them what could happen if they start giving life. Marry Shelley may have used the book to give a warning to the scientists to show them what ay happen if they try and play God or experiment with things they don’t fully understand. Mary Shelley also gives out the message that death is the end and we should accept that and not try to bring people back to life.

Also the book gives out smaller messages such as don’t judge people by their appearance and we should try and learn to accept misfits. For this book it makes me feel sad as in the end everything turns out horrible with Victor and all his family dead. The main reason Victor created the monster is because by doing this he thought he might be able to find the elixir of life, but he was also doing it so no one else would have to feel the pain he felt when his mother died and he also has a desire to bring his mother back to life.

This makes the reader feel sad as he just ruins his life by creating the monster all because he loved his mother so much. This desire to bring his mother back from the dead would have shadowed his mind of what he really was doing and what the terrible consequences were, until he saw the end product and it was to late. This book just always gives you a feeling that you want to help Victor because all throughout the book it is just more misery, and then even more misery. Frankenstein is a very powerful book.

It has been popular for nearly 190 years due to the many questions it raises about various topics. It questions religion and the very beliefs many people would have relied on in 1818. The book delivers many messages, with most of them being a warning to the scientists of the time messing around with trying to bring back a dead human being. It also delivers lots of more messages relevant to our times such as don’t judge a person by looks and accept people who are misfits. It a very well written ad has kept many audiences entertained over all the years. Show preview only

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