The Victorian time was much different compare to today’s world. Europe began the nineteenth century dominated by the romanticists. The realists changed the face of Europe once more by the middle of the nineteenth century. The importances of the science and the industrialization of Europe characterised their movement. Where the romantics believed in feelings, intuition, and imagination. There were a number of people who tried to change this opinion between the society. The authors of this period also changed their style of writing by dealing with cultural representation and life.

Charles Dickens was an author during this period and his novel ‘Great expectation’ reflects a number of different themes. There was a huge difference between rich and poor. There was a rapid growth in the cities as a result of the industrial revolution. The poor people worked under a inhumane working conditions, they expected to work long hours in dangerous factories for less pay. However the rich people had a luxury life. The novel focuses on the gap between rich and poor.

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Charles Dickson believed that the divisions between classes was ‘diseased’, therefore he was interested in bringing different views in peoples mind such as justice and punishment, the evils of the factory system, the widening gap between the rich and poor and so on. John Stienbeck was also an author who wanted the society to give equal opportunities for everyone. His novel ‘Of Mice and Men’ was another novel, which concerned about the feelings of people during the Victorian time. Between 1930 to 1939 there was depression, which created a massive unemployment and poverty.

In many parts of America they didn’t provide money for the employers either the jobless men and women weren’t offered relief. The unemployed seems to be unwanted and lost respect. The others carried on to struggle to find jobs. They often ended up travelling miles across America in order to survive, leaving homes and families behind. Over the country side matters were far worse than in the cities. The farmers were taken off their land and there was a deep issue of draughts, which destroyed the crops. The farmers weren’t able to repay the bank to get their land back.

Due to this many farmers travelled to California, where they believed the soil was good and they will be provided work. However, for many people this dream didn’t come true and they were chased away by the Californians, therefore many farmers had to live vast camps like refugees. For many years America welcomed the persecuted, the poor and the disadvantage of the world, and if offered them the frontier. The line of civilisation steadily extended forward into virgin land until it reached the west coast. Over this time the frontier was a line beyond which people were continually believe that the civilisation did not exist.

Beyond it there was land for taking, and a free and independent way of living where a man was answerable to himself. In truth the frontier was probably never like that, but the dream was necessary for people’s survival and the belief that it might be true offered huge comfort to those who would never find out for themselves. The novel ‘Of Mice and men’ was based on the end of the American dream. Many of the characters on the novel has dreams, in the sense that they have hopes and ambitious. These dreams are often kept secret to begin with.

George is displeased when he discovers that Lennie and Candy have told Crooks about their secrets. In contrast, Curly’s wife seems almost desperate to tell Lennie about her dreams. It is ironic that she confides someone who appears to have no interests in, or understanding of, what she is saying. The Great Expectations shows how people were isolated because of the divisions in the society. Ms Havisham isolated herself from the society as she chooses to do this since she had enough money to survive in her own. There was no need for her to rely on a man.

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