n a room illuminated only by the red glow of a fire and a few strategically placed candles stood two men. One was around thirty, tall well built he had mousy blonde hair and pale blue eyes. His face lit up by the glow of a nearby candle an astonishing scar from his forehead to his chin passing over his eye ruled his face. He had thick bow shaped lips and a square jaw. His name was David. In the other sat a much older man in his 60’s or early 70’s. He had jet black hair greying at the temples and shocking bold grey eyes.

He was average height but stood hunched over but he still retained a surprising amount of his youthful looks. He did not tell David his name. The room itself had hunting trophies on the walls these animals however ones that threatened the occupier of the house were. The owner and his family didn’t believe in killing unnecessarily. The high ceiling of the house prevented any heat from staying on the ground for too long, the arched windows let in a little a lot of the barely shining sun.

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The room was decorated with old furniture reds browns and golds everywhere a startling contrast to the inviting outside and other rooms of the house. He stared into the in the long awkward silence it gave out a soft steady heat and light, the flames danced higher than anything David had seen. The discussion had reached the point were the two stubborn men finally agreed to disagree. He stared out of the window and wondered how a such a beautiful old castle could be the foundation of the evil the old man had spoke of and could be the dwelling of the creature he described.

The old man broke the silence which took David aback breaking his reverie. He near whispered in his hoarse voice ‘I wash my hands of it do what you wish but let it hang on your shoulders. It is suicide. But, whatever you do don’t drag me into it that’s the last thing the world needs. This is your choice and I cannot and will not try to stop you. ‘ ‘I wouldn’t normally but I need the money that it would bring to finally uncover the obscurity in that castle either to confirm my thoughts and nearly everyone else’s or to prove your theory and face the apparent dire consequences.

‘ The old man beaten shook his head admitted defeat in addition to walking out the room. David glanced out after him the sun shone through the door to greet him creating a silhouette of the old man he looked up to a tall tree with bright green leaves and 1 bare branch on it stood perched a raven or a crow he wasn’t sure which. The door slammed with a mighty bang. David again floated off; he stared out of the window to the castle over the hills into the now warm winters day he now felt content and proud that he had not been swayed by the old man.

Then again you never know he thought to himself as he looked out of the window past the snow covered hills, past the long abandoned village and to the fortress in the distance more or less in ruins over centuries of war and time. It blocked the sun to the village and stood over it imposing its own features on the now falling apart houses. A shiver ran down him. He told himself it was the new-found cold but his subconscious registered, what cold he was tired off his long journey maybe it was that but either way he needed sleep and with that final thought he drifted into a almost instant dreamless sleep.

* * * * * * * * Alone in a pitch black room with the only light coming from the cracks in the ceiling sat an unbelievably old man. He had lived since what he called his rebirth or second life but he regretted his decision nearly every day since He wondered about the world, about what was outside these walls, about all the things he’d like to experience but knew he never could. Trapped to this life he asked for. The man had snow white hair and a mane like beard. He had watery pale blue eyes that looked untouched by age; however, the same could not be said for the rest of his face.

Everything his face was shrivelled up and his features were distorted so they could be barely made out but this man was a powerful man with lots of followers who would die for his cause or were loyal because of the thing that awaited the most skilled. Eternal life until they decided to end it. The room itself had things in the corner but unrecognisable in the darkness. The room also had gold statues and objects that had little use covered thick with cobwebs he enjoyed the darkness it reminded him that it was is affliction and no-one else’s until he decided to pass it on, it also reminded him of the hell of what was to come after he did.

The huge cobwebs trapped flies quickly and easily they hung in myriads the spiders devoured them as easily as this man devoured humans. He turned slowly knowing it was time to pay a visit to the village even though he didn’t want to. The transformation began.  The man with the jet black hair walked back to his home furious at David’s arrogance but knew that the monster needed killing before he worked out the next part of the puzzle. He also knew that to kill the monster that he must die with it he didn’t want David to die as he sympathized with his problems.

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