The Main theme and scope in this video is different types of political systems. How each one is used and what each one represents, such as republic, democracy, anarchy, oligarchy, and monarchy. Basically, each one has its own way of running the place. Most of our people are based of republicans, we the people have the power to vote for who we believe is in charge of everything such as laws and ours rights that passes through. Then there is democracy which basically the same as communist it’s just one step away from being the same which means the power is not with the people but with one person holding the power. Which was what Hitler did and what North Korea is doing now opposed to what George Washington didn’t want a democratic government because of king George. King George wanted a monarchy government and what George Washington was after was a republican government were the law is making sure everything is being followed by the government and by the people. One person who I should mention is Donald trump, trump is the us president at this moment, Donald trump believes in a democratic government. Which means he believes that the majority of the people are in charge the flaw in democracy is that there is no law in what the people can or cannot do. Most of the structure in the government structure is influenced by the number of factors, such as a government’s history, customs, values, geography and human experiences like in Greek mythology like it says in the video. Another different type of government is an anarchy government where no one has power everyone can do anything they want which is going against communist. Anarchy is an awful government to be in because there are no laws to protect one another from harm. Oligarchy is a government ruled by a small fraction of people most likely the rich. Then there is monarchy, which has a king, queen, or empress ruling and if the queen, king, emperor, or empress pass away the ruling position can be passed on to the ruler’s child. But monarchy isn’t really a government anymore because it’s actually a group of people in charge like, faction. There’s the king then there are the people on the sidelines telling him what he can or cannot do.  

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