The author of The
African Roots of War is Burghardt Dubois. Dubois was a civil rights activist
in the early nineteen hundred. The purpose of his essay The African Roots of War is to show how Africa had a part in causing
World War I and to shed light on the unjust treatment of people of color. Dubois
explains in his writing that Africa has contributed to everything in one way or
another and how everything is connected to Africa. He even goes on to say that Christianity
one of the most ancient religions in all the world was established in Africa.

Dubois intended audience was the world. In Dubois first argument,
he says the country was being robbed, and the countries citizens of couldn’t improve
the situation because a lot of them were taken to American or Britain against their
will. Dubois also tells his readers that other countries would send their people
to go over as missionaries and civilize the Africans because they were too
barbaric and did not know how to take care of themselves. While white foreigners
were in the land they also noticed the amazing resources, Africa has such as gold,
diamonds, and cocoa. Dubois even called Africa the land of the twentieth
century. Due to the abundance of resources found within the country, other countries
began to clash because everyone wanted the wealth and resources for themselves.

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While foreigners were in their land they gave the citizens of Africa little
jobs to do so that they would not become lazy. That eventually left to the
white foreigners with the feeling a superiority and the notion that they are
better than the countries citizens because they are telling them how they think
things should be done. With that bitterness began to grow, and the white foreigners
were saying that they must keep the black people in their places or the black
people (who were the citizens of the country) would start taking their jobs.

While this was happening in African It was happening in Asian and India too.

The colored men are continually having to surrender to the white men’s power. Dubois
makes a note that just because the white man has the resources to go to other countries
and govern them does not mean that the other country wants to be governed. The people
of a given country should not become more confined because the white foreigners
have the means to travel more.

I strongly agree with Dubois and I believe that he is a
credible source. In my opinion Dubois doesn’t even have to prove much of what he’s
writing because the proof is all over and cannot be avoided.

The scary thing is The African Roots of War was written is
1915, but some of the negative values that were seen in this source are still
seen in our present society. The values in the source don’t really differ from
the values of the current day. One primary source that The African Roots of War supports is Visions of the Great Good Spirit. These two authors of these
primary sources both talk about how their people were oppressed and their land
was taken from them by white foreigners. Author of Visions of the Great Good Spirit Tenskwatawa also argues that their
land was rich before that white foreigners came and took it for themselves.

Both texts tell me that these people were hurting, and may still even be
feeling hurt due to the actions taken by the white foreigners.

In What to the Slave is the Fourth of July by Fredrick Douglass, the
idea of separation id brought up once more. This primary source is about how
the fourth of July is just another holiday that shows the separation of African
Americans and the white man. One difference between Douglass, and Dubois works
are Douglass focuses more on African Americans and Dubois’ focus is people of
color. Both writers I find equally credible.

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