The Strategic Importance
of Cloud Computing in Business Organizations.

Most people that have
water on tap take it for granted. Few have ever had to go to a well or communal
standpipe for their water, or know what it is like to have to do this every
day. Having water on tap brings a higher quality of life. Freed from the need
to devote time and effort to basic but necessary tasks, people can do things
that they want to do, that make their life better. In the same way, cloud
computing frees enterprises from the need to devote time and effort to
operating and managing their IT, and enables them to focus on their core

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The knock-on effects on
the wider economy are huge, and very beneficial. As businesses become more
effective at what they do, they have capacity to do more. The whole economy
grows. Municipal water is an essential pre-requisite for a civilized society
today. In the same way, cloud computing will be essential for the civilized
societies of the future.
evolution of business and IT assets and operations is a continuous process.
Today, many factors are involved beyond the disruptions caused by technology

Economic, environmental
and global activities shape regional markets, products and services in many
industry sectors. Government legislation and investment priorities drive
standards and commercial behaviors. The Internet, mass media and collaboration
create new access channels that enable market developments hitherto constrained
by geography and performance limitations. Cloud computing provides a new
business paradigm for resources. It enables organizations to create and use IT
and business services on demand from optimal sources to maximize utilization
and cost effectiveness. This can be between enterprises or within a single

In a business
environment, the business processes are how work gets done. They are supported
by applications that manage information content and perform transactions. These
are in turn supported by a platform and infrastructure that provide storage,
processing, and communications. Cloud computing enables businesses to create
and use services on demand, through cloud SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS. Examples of
such services include business services, application software services,
integration and development services, and infrastructure services.

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