The majority of consumers both in the United States and Europe are
beginning to express considerable concerns about the quality of food and the
produce safety. Genetically-modified organisms and environmental impacts of
pesticides have become the burning issue of the mass media. Media coverage
about healthy organic products vs. unhealthy conventional food appear on
screens night and day. In this respect, more and more people all over the world
express intense interest in organic food as the only source of healthy and good
nutrition. Such evolution of the public attitudes toward the origin of the food
people eat increases the popularity of the market for organic food. As a matter
of fact, the organic food market is considered to be one of the biggest and
fastest growing markets in the food industry. In 2013, the global market for
organic food equaled US $72 billion. (1) In fact, there is no
scientific reason for people to buy organic food. (2) Such
accelerating trends in the food industry have raised searching questions
concerning the motivators that stimulate consumers to choose organic products.
As a matter of fact, organic food preference is associated with such factors as
interest in personal health, environmental protection, animal welfare and food

Because of the overall coverage in mass media,
organic food has become a fashionable means to lead healthy lives. Of course,
it is obvious that organic products are more natural in comparison to
conventional food. However, the natural principle of organic food cannot
guarantee a reasonable safety to health. Food must comply with food safety
requirements regardless of its conventional or organic origin. As a matter of
fact, the organic term refers only to a product that is produced
according to specific standards during production, processing and retailing
stages. It is necessary to mention that organic food is not always
pesticide-free, but it is assumed that organic product contains agrochemical
residues at a lower level and less frequently, compared to conventional food.  

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In brief, the public has become more concerned
with food safety and quality because of the perceived negative effects of
chemical pesticides and genetically-modified organisms. At the same time,
organic food gains more and more popularity. Nowadays, the organic food market
appears to be the fastest growing market in the food industry. It is necessary
to mention that a lot of people prefer organic food because they believe that
it is extremely healthy. In such a way, it is impossible to state that organic
food is healthier and safer in comparison to conventional food.

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