The primary style for Run Lola Run is techno and it perfectly
complements Lola’s predicament with Manni. First and foremost, techno makes the
audience feel unnerved. Its never-ending, looping tempo makes us feel Lola’s
anxiety. The infectious beat transcends film music and reaches out, attempting
to sync with our heartbeats, throwing our focus, and providing an adrenaline

Each of Lola’s
three runs plays out over different versions of techno and different lyrics. In
her first run, the lyrics emphasize, “I wish”. She’s unaware of the
supernatural forces guiding her progress, subsequent failures, and
reawakenings. Running through the streets, her thoughts are scattered, wishing
to fix everything. The music mirrors this, giving a euphoric yet chaotic
feeling. During her second run, the lyrics put a different emphasis on: “I
want”, “We will”, and lesser so on “Never say never”. She’s beginning to
realize she has more power in this skewed version of reality. Rather than
wishing, she’s beginning to will things to happen. On her third and final run,
the lyrics return to “I wish” but maintain “Never say never”. These lyrics give
the audience an indication of Lola’s eventual intention to control the

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Another recurring
element is Lola’s scream. Each time it occurs, it bypasses character dialogue
with its intense emotion and sound, almost landing in the realm of the fourth
wall. The first time Lola screams, she’s on the phone with Manni. He’s going on
and on about how he’s going to die if she doesn’t get him 100,000 Marks. As
Manni’s stress boils over, so does Lola’s and it results in a glass-shattering
scream. Her sheer emotion seems to stop time, moving from a stressful outburst
to a musical narrative technique. Another scream of Lola’s, occurring during
the casino scene, proves to be a powerful moment. She’s using her absolute will
to influence events. When short money for a 100 Mark chip, she pleads with pure
intensity to get it. When asked to leave because of her appearance, she tells
the security guard that she needs a minute with a dead set look on her face. As
the ball rolls around the roulette table, Lola begins to scream, the sound
magnifying and becoming manufactured. It’s like a train screeching to a halt.
All the casino guests and staff cover their ears, glasses shatter, and then all
comes to rest and the ball falls into Lola’s slot. This moment, more than any
other, breaks a barrier between film and audience. Lola reached out to a
spiritual place, notably while increasing tribal beats and wailing prayer calls
can be heard, and surpassed the narrative laid out for her, firmly rewriting it
with her robust voice.

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