The first chapters of the novel describe and set up for the plot of the novel. Without the first chapters we would not be able to see why everything happens later in the novel. I really like the first few chapters and how Victor Frankenstein describes his childhood and his life with his family. It is good to see that even with a good family Victor still has problems that lead to the creation of the monster. I really do not like the characters of the story a lot. I like them, and how the author describes and creates them, and gives them all a specific personality.

Yet, I do not like the characters as people. I do not like Victor. From the beginning of the story we see that he makes everything about him. He loves his family, but when his family needs him he is not there for them. He is so busy making the monster because he wants to succeed that he forgets his family. The women in the novel, I also do not like. They are so passive in the novel. The mother and Elizabeth are not strong characters, so it makes me think that the author was not a strong woman. Victor feels like he owns them, and that is also why I do not like him.

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Henry Clerval is another character in the novel, him I like. He seems more real; because he lives life more simply not like his friend Victor. He is also a symbol of something that is pure. When Victor sees him, he reminds him of home, and his family. This means that Henry is a character that knows what he wants, he does not want fame like Victor he just wants to be happy. The first chapters do not bring anything to my mind. Just a person, who could have everything in life, but loses it to ambition. He has a loving mother, and a girl who he loves. He has money, and he is going to school.

He did not need anything else to be happy. It reminds me of people now, who have everything and are still unhappy so they look for other things that eventually make them unhappy. It also reminds me of people in today’s world. They want to know everything and we lose everything as well. We know everything about other planets, and everything in medicine, and everything about technology. Yet we are no longer worried about morals and trying to just be good people. That is not important anymore in the world. We see knowledge more important than being good, so we will end up unhappy like Victor.

I really think I like this book, even if I do not like Victor, I think he is an interesting person. He is so crazy and everything he does makes him seem obsessed with knowledge. I think that the end of the novel is going to be a tragic ending for Victor because he looked for his own misery. The monster also seems interesting. Even though he is the monster in the story, he seems smarter than any other person in that novel. What I find very interesting in that the author seems like she is in the future, because she writes so much about creating life.

Back then in her times, I do not think that people knew about creating life and creating monsters. They talked about monsters, but not in a science way. Now that people clone animals it seems more real, but back then people did not talk about that. The author was so ahead of her times. In all, I think I really like this book, and I am excited to finish the rest of it. To be true, the beginning was a little boring. There is so much description about everything, and the character sometimes talks too much about things that are not important to me, but maybe that will help later in the book.

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