The term was first coined by Herbert Schiller in 1976 in his book communication and cultural domination.

The concept of cultural imperialism is often used to refer to the idea of America exerting cultural influence over the rest of the world, with a particularly powerful imposition on the third world countries.

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The social settler proposition asserts that bona fide, customary and nearby culture in numerous parts of the world is being battered out of presence by the unpredictable dumping of expansive amounts of smooth business and media items, primarily from the United States

A lot of scholars supported this theory over time. The major figures in the theoretical discussion of cultural imperialism. First, Herbert Schiller who began the discussions of cultural imperialism in relation to mass media. Schiller said ” American media is controlled by a few corporations that create, process, refine and preside over the circulation of images and information which determines our beliefs, attitudes and ultimately our behavior”  which he use the term ” Packaged consciousness ” to define it.

Michel Foucault is a French philosopher who interpreted the cultural imperialism as power and he divines power as immaterial, as a ” certain type of relation between individuals”

One of the most notable ones came from late American Palestinian scholar  he stated ” after the second world warm colonial imperialism left a cultural legacy to the colonized people, which remains in their contemporary civilizations”


On the other hand, this theory faced criticism  because of the weaknesses that different critics identify. First organ said in 1988 that  media imperialism theory maybe expressed in statistics  but in reality if differ in major ways. Also, Lee stated that the theory lacks  a lot of information that makes the audience omniscient about the theory . finally, despite the rest of weaknesses,  a serious problem with the basic thesis of cultural imperialism, as developed by Schiller and others, is the it tends to assume that the media have straightforward, predicable and automatic effects on their audience.  


“Media content from economically, politically, and military dominant parts of the world find audiences in less developed regions” this statement means that powerful nations can be dominant on powerless nations through media content. Unfortunately, this statement is true. As most of the third world countries, it is notable that they are controlled by a more powered  nation. Most of the products found in the third world countries are often manufactured  and made by United States, for example McDonalds and Coca-Cola are found in every single third world country approximately. In addition to, most of  the  TV channels , radio channels and newspaper are directed by a more powered country, such as Disney, FM and Fashion magazines.


In conclusion, cultural imperialism theory discusses very harmful points in our planet, despite the weaknesses, if all nations were equal in power, resources and wealth  people would not fight each other . Religion and  believes don’t separate nations , but money and economic does.   

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