This seems to awaken a hidden desire deep within Eddie to be with her, whether it is in a parental or romantic way it is unclear, all the audience can see is that he would do anything to keep her near and this conveys his love for her however innocent, or not in this case it is. This becomes apparent when he draws her to him and kisses her on the mouth. Consequently Rodolfo flies at him in an attack however Eddie pins his arms and kisses him. Eddie then exclaims “you see” as if Rodolfo wanted the kiss and is therefore a homosexual.

This shows Eddie’s desperation, he is ready to be seen as a homosexual just so he can stop Catherine form marrying Rodolfo. This would have been extremely controversial as homosexuality wasn’t yet accepted in America at the time, so this would have made Eddie’s attempt to keep Catherine seem even more irrational and desperate to the audience. “The kissing scene” is the climax of the play. All of Act one has been building up to this point, this point where Eddie makes his hate for Rodolfo and some might also say the true nature of his love for Catherine apparent.

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Which the audience know thanks to Alferi’s prediction that this scene will lead to Eddie making irrational, impulsive decisions. Such as reporting Marco and Rodolfo to the Immigration Bureau which therefore leads to his own tragic death. However the scene also depicts Eddie’s high held family values crumbling beneath him, this will induce empathy in the audience as they will see his difficult circumstances, the audience feel sorry for him regardless of his unforgivable betrayal, this make his death even more tragic which grips the audience and therefore adds to the play as a whole.

(This scene helps to maintain the tension that is built throughout the play and prepare the audience for the explosive ending that we are warned about throughout the play by Alferi. ) In conclusion “the kissing scene” brings all of the feelings out into the open and sets in motion the chain of events that leads to Eddie’s death, the scene is the climax of the play that prepares the audience for the tragic ending. Alferi is also used to give the play a clear structure; within each scene he adds his own insight, thoughts on the characters and even predictions as to possible outcomes of the play.

This may seem like he is giving away the plot, however his predictions help to build the tension as we do not want to believe that Eddie will betray his family. The audience feels tied to the fate of the characters; they want a happy ending, however sue to Alferi’s predictions they experience dramatic irony in that they know that it cant work out as they had desired, they know that Eddie will betray his family and that there is nothing they can do about it which induces frustration which also adds to the play.

Miller used other techniques to help bring tension and a shock element into “A View From The Bridge”. Miller inserted some socially unacceptable elements to the play such as suggested homosexuality, which would shock and disturb some viewers as plays at that time were more conservative. In addition he also hinted that the relationship between Catherine and Eddie may be more than a father-daughter relationship; that it is in fact romantic and therefore that Catherine has an Electra complex.

An Electra complex is where a father and daughter have an unnaturally close relationship which eventually grows and leads to sexual relations. This is hinted at near the end of the play when Beatrice exclaims “you can never have her”. Moreover “the kissing scene” also suggests this theory as Eddie kisses Catherine on her mouth which is traditionally sign of affection between those in a relationship. These techniques are used to shock and grip the audience.

It is small details like this that make the play what it is; a play with intricate and complicated relationships which develop and lead to deportation, death and romance. ?? ?? ?? ?? Discuss How The Nature Of The Relationships Between Catherine, Eddie and Rodolfo Are Made Evident In The Kissing Scene And How This Scene Contributes To The Play As A Whole Tom Gavin Coursework Draft page1 Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Miscellaneous section.

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