A young woman with her back towards the executive producer walks into an audition. Her long, blonde, bouncy hair, and luxurious choice of designer clothing makes the producers anxious to see if their “star” has walked in through the door. The air of anticipation is of great magnitude. The beauty uses her light, elegant feet and turns herself around to see a look of ghastly horror swipe across the faces of the producers. So rapid but intense was there glaring stare of disgust and contempt. Yet again she had been judged, her nose ring protruded at the side of her right nostril, her eyebrow bar glinting off the light.

Her tattoos covering both forearms and the scar of her childhood burn down the left side of her face where the bath had been too hot. Her hair balding at the front as the result of Leukaemia. A disease she had only learnt to cope with. Yet the look of dismay that could not be hidden brought a tension and it rippled through the air, as the faint sound of a tear droplet hits the wooden floor… Nowadays every woman endures many predicaments. This is not our fault; this example of a young woman not only feeling worthless but also being bullied with an air of prejudice against her looks is disgraceful.

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Her feeling off self worth wallowing into nothing. She may not be considered beautiful in the media’s world. But in God’s world he made everything, “and it was good. He was pleased with all he had made,” does this statement not justify how much our society has rotted away to the very core of its creation? That it is now a world full of vanity and outside beauty with no consideration into the personality of a glorious person on the inside? Whenever we turn on the manipulative television, we see beautiful women promoting products to get higher sales.

On the dove advert for skin, they used “real women” and this was undoubtedly better than the misdirection of perfection. Yet the viewers have all been brainwashed, and when they see normal people like themselves on television, they see no desire, because the format for beauty has intensified to exact criteria. Undoubtedly, the media’s influence is so strong that an idealised body image has been formed. According to most people, there is a distinct type of beauty – the flashy smile, blue eyes, long legs, etc.

Moreover it is mainly the commercial images that form one’s concept of what is pretty or ugly. Isn’t this a problem to worry about? When will we accept that people are charming in their own way? There are even people who criticise fashion, like Trinny and Susanna, who make people feel worthless while tearing their fashion sense to shreds and making them feel ashamed of who they are. Beneath all the tattoos and piercings, maybe even illnesses or burns, there is a person who has feelings that should be acknowledged. No person should have to suffer the pain of brutality.

Even bullying in schools occur because a person is deemed “ugly”, or “fat”, it is despicable that it could happen but it does and very regularly too. Yet the media pressure does nothing to help with this, although anti bulling campaigns have been formed. This will not solve the issue if the “perfect body beautiful” still exists. My cousin was a victim of beauty. Working as an office assistant she earned a respectable wage and enjoyed her job. Until her employer harassed her for her beauty, everything had been fine to start of with.

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