The visitor centre called achaenocarp Vogelherd is located in Niederstotzingen,
in the city Munich of Germany. The visitor centre is made out concrete frame
construction. When looking at the building you can only just see the building
inserted into the curved formed grass. The building, achaenocarp
Vogelherd, main structure is built out of concrete frame construction.


1.       Construction in general

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1.1.   Concrete construction

The materials concrete is made out of
sand, gravel, cement and water. Concrete frame construction are used in so many
ways in building for example footings, columns, beams and lintels, roofs,
stairs, water tanks(big ones), dams, bridges and retaining walls. Concrete can
be for commercial but it’s not the best because it’s usually its used for
domestic buildings.


With Concrete what good about it is
that it can handle the compression stresses 10 times more than the tension and
the most of loads in our life is compression. But concrete is  quite weak at is handling tension. The
Concrete is a brittle material, which gives the benefit to make a rigid
structure. But because concrete is brittle material the strength upon shear
(especially at 45 degrees) must be checked. The thing with concrete is that it
is easy to handle over, especially now there is plants that give you ready mix
concrete. The disadvantage in concrete is that it Needs another material to
reinforce it against excessive shear and tension. With Concrete buildings it
can take many different shapes and forms in many different various ways-
everywhere. That’s why Visitor centre, achaenocarp Vogelherd was built the way
it is. Concrete is not as expensive, ready concrete frame remains relatively
stable unlike other materials, whereas steel is quite expensive compared to


1.2.   Masonry construction   

A cavity wall consists of two separate
walls that have been built closely together with a space in between them. Each
of these walls can be constructed of a different type of brickwork, such as
brick or concrete and from other materials. The resulting space allows the
cavity wall to be more efficient at insulation than a single-layer wall, or one
that consists of two layers that have been bonded together where the space
would have been. The damp/moisture that is absorbed into the brickwork of the
outer wall will naturally drain through the space and out of the base of the
wall, which is another advantage to this type of construction. 


One of the biggest advantages in masonry cavity
walling is that it keeps damp from happening. This is because the cavity inside
the wall sucks the moisture and avoids the dampness from going in to the inside
wall. Also if there is “no
dampness, no moisture, also means no mould.” (Home Logic, 2017). Another advantage is
that the Insulation installed  so that its
slows moving air films and closes airgap.

Ø  Enables use of low cost non-rigid insulation

framed construction

Steel framed construction uses
and made from mild steel. When fastened together normally there bolted
together. When it is attached to the foundation (soft concrete) they put in the
bolts. Then after the bolts are settled in to the concrete and the concrete is
solid, then you can put the beam and attach it to the bolts.


Ø  They are super quick to build at

Ø  Varied choices of joining techniques
such as bolting, welding and riveting.

Ø  They are flexible, which makes
them a very good when a force comes such as earthquake or wind forces.


Ø  They are very weak when they are
at a very high temperature for example when there is a fire the steel framed
construction loses its strength.

Ø  They are likely to corrosion in
humid atmosphere.


1.4.   Timber construction

framed work construction is easy to put up and therefore easy to remove as
well. The majority timber framed work in England is very rare therefore it’s
very precious because there aren’t many timber frame work in England.


You can involve big variety of exterior

It an environmentally friendly way to build.

There are a massive range of product and systems
to this type of construction.


Ø  All wood usually rot.

Ø  Wood lice can gather in the timber frame

Ø  When walking in the timber framed
construction, it’s easily heard.

Ø  It’s not fire resistant.



2.       Construction processes and

2.1.   Stage 0- Strategic Definition

this stage, the architect will meet up with the client to recognise and
comprehend their requirements. The architect will also arrange them with a
method, clarifying what will take place in the next stages. After all that then
they will issue and accept of a fee price.


2.2.   Stage 1 – Preparation and Brief

stage includes the architect required to find out more information. This may
incorporate demonstrating and discovering more information from the customer,
for instance; the utilization of the room. This may figure out whether seepage
should be set up (if the room will be a lab or a latrine). It might likewise
impact the force attachments or the windows (if two littler windows will be
utilized as a part of spot of one). To completely see all these variables, the
modeller should survey the site data for more detail.


2.3.   Stage 2 – Concept Design

of thoughts and the arrangement of the idea outline is the primary piece of
this stage. Here the architect will need to outline proposals for structural
design. This may involve contacting consultant engineers to redesign some of
the services (e.g. pipes or electrics) if the room divide will affect
them.  This additionally incorporates
arranging determinations essentially cost data, alongside pertinent venture
Strategies as per configuration program. Another area of this stage involves
sustaining this data into the customer so that the last venture brief can be
issued after every one of the adjustments to the brief are consented to.


2.4.   Stage 3 – Develop Design

stage is for the most part about guaranteeing that the undertaking is prepared
for arranging consent on the grounds that despite the fact that this is just a
straightforward room partition, it might influence the outside of the building
(like if the windows were changed) and this conflicts with the configuration
brief that was consented to. This stage includes for the most part what is said
in stage 2 about setting up a created plans including coordinated and updated
proposals for structural design, building services systems and sketching out
determinations as per the outline program.


2.5.   Stage 4 – Technical Design

this stage, arrangement a system plan as per last venture brief is required.
Plan obligation lattice and venture techniques must be incorporated (e.g. all ,
architectural, structural and building services information particular
subcontractor plan details, in connection to the outline program). This
information must go through building control and regulations to get an
endorsement (e.g. fire breaks should be considered and this may influence the
outline). Another necessity at this stage is finding the best contractual
workers, signing contracts and issue a Contract Administration Instruction, to
agree on expenses and to guarantee of its authenticity. Finally, assembly is
important (e.g. getting prepared with administrators, hardware and materials
that are required for the job).


2.6.   Stages 5 – Construction

is the development period of the project, which means, if required, offsite
producing and on location development as per the construction programme. This
stage likewise contains determining any outline issues or questions as they
emerge with the guide of discussion.


2.7.   Stage 6 – Handover and Closeout

has now been finished and the necessities of this stage are the handover of the
building and the finish of the building contract. Another piece of this stage
is guaranteeing that the client comprehends the building and is furnished with
and additional information that is required in the understanding with how to


2.8.   Stage 7 – In use

In Use examined in agreement with the schedule of services is what this stage
is all about. This includes guaranteeing the building is effectively utilized
and checking the structures capacity.

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