It was dark at midnight and it was dead silent. No cars were on road or driving through the city. It was foggy and the air was really moist, couldn’t see anything around. There was nothing but a drunkard fast asleep on the wooden floor of the dock bridge. He seemed to be an old fellow but he was at peace. Suddenly four massive shadowy figures approached the dock bridge. “Get rid of him,” whispered one of the massive figures. Two of the shadowy men took hold of the drunkard’s arms and feet and threw him in the deep waters of the Salt Lake seas. “Can’t have any witnesses,” whispered out the same man.

“Can’t we just pull the lever and bust this joint? ” asked the last of the massive figures that apparently had a high pitched but raspy voice. “Let’s just wait, after all we are ahead of schedule,” replied the first massive figure. Koeb Arenas the III, last member of a royal family and part time detective of this city was awoken by a phone call from the Salt Lake police department. It so happens that there had been a fire in one of the warehouses downtown next to the docks. Not only that, but three ships had disappeared at the same time the fire took place.

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So the tall, strong, athletic looking young man put on his shades, stroked his goatee, and took off in his Bentley. Detective Arenas arrived at the crime scene and reviewed the evidence. He found a broken lever, a six foot tall bag filled with hair, blood, an alcoholic substance, and a piece of paper with big bold letters on it: YDBBP Detective Arenas figured out that lever was property of the Ship & Sea Company and was used for moving ships underwater or on land. He handed over the bag to the police because it probably had a dead body in it and only the police themselves could scan it to find out the victim of this assault.

“What about that piece of paper? ” asked the head of police in a confused manner as if he had no idea what was going on. “It has the initials of recently escaped prisoners from Salt Lake Asylum. They are Yuan Yi Long, Dee-Roy, Brewer, Big-D and Psycho. I am guessing Psycho is behind this as the others couldn’t have thought of anything as clever and cunning as this,” explained detective Arenas. “Oh! So they’ve got together to form and alliance of some sort and run around the city blowing up warehouses and killing hundreds of people working in them? These guys are trouble Mr. Arenas,” said the officer, shocked and ready to fume.

“Rest assured I’ll take care of this matter,” said detective Arenas in a calm and formal manner. Later that night, another one of the warehouses was set on fire but it was no ordinary fire. It was a fire caused by a missile from one of the ships from the docks. This incident was all over the news that night. The legendary young king starts talking to himself about this. “Psycho, I never did any research on the guy,” detective Arenas said to himself while sitting on a sofa in his unique and unusual looking living room which consisted of antiques and mystically looking paintings. “Should I find out about this guy or not?

” but this time he wasn’t talking to himself, he was talking to a miniature basketball he just picked up from his bear rug underneath the sofa. He immediately threw the ball one handed to the other side of the room where there hung a basketball hoop about nine feet high. It went in only touching the net but not any other part of the hoop. “I love that sound! SWOOSH! I’m guessing I should! ” exclaimed detective Arenas joyously and with a big smile drawn across his face. After he delved into deep research that took Arenas the detective around about seven to eight hours, he was in complete and utter shock and awe.

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