The book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is about a slave from Maryland who shares his life and difficulties of slavery and how he was able to overcome it, and become a free man. He shows a good example of someone who doesn’t give up in what he believes in and pursues his dreams. A main theme of the book was the oppressing of the slaves by the white slaveholders, and how they would always keep them down. Frederick Douglass explains how the slaveholders would keep their slaves ignorant, and give them glimpses of “freedom” for the holidays to keep from rebelling during the year. Also slaveholders would try to strip slaves of any sense of identity. They would be separated from their mothers at a young age and also family members. They would be looked at among the cattle, as if they were animals, and they would not teach them to read or write. The significance of the theme was to show how awful and degrading the slaveholders were to their slaves, and to cause awareness.    The protagonist is Frederick Douglass, and he goes through many struggles as a slave. He was oppressed by his slaveholders. He witnessed his aunt get whipped, and was beat himself many times, also he was put in jail for attempting to escape slavery and failing. Personally I sympathize with him because he faced so many difficulties that no one should have to face and hopefully will never face again. The antagonist would be slaveholders and slavery in general. This shaped Frederick Douglass into the person he became when he wrote the book. His slaveholders show him that he would rather fail at escaping and die than continue to be a slave. Slavery, and realizing how it keeps slaves ignorant and slaveholders cruel and immoral, makes Douglass want to become educated and share his knowledge with other slaves to understand more of the world and slavery.    The main conflict of the story is Douglass having to face slavery for so many years, while also being sad about that lifestyle. He has to keep the will to continue to live that lifestyle until he can possibly become a free man. By following the rules and mostly listening and obeying all his slaveholders he is able to make a plan and escape. Besides educating himself he follows the rules of the slaveholders and gains trust of a few (or scares one into not touching him again), and this enables him to escape and find a job in the north to make money for him and his wife.When Douglass sees the ships with white sails, he is really feeling down, and at his lowest point. But he sees these ships and he thinks of freedom. The sails are white and they are able to flow/sail with the wind going anywhere, so to Douglass the represent freedom. One important quote that shows a struggle that Douglass went through is “In coming to a fixed determination to run away, we did more than Patrick Henry, when he resolved upon liberty or death.” This was during the time when he and his friends were planning to escape from slavery, but they were willing to risk their lives to escape the hell that they were already living in. He was comparing their escape to Patrick Henry’s quote “Give me liberty or give me death” during the American revolution. Another quote is “I did not, when a slave, understand the deep meaning of those rude and apparently incoherent songs. I was myself within the circle; so that I neither saw nor heard as those without might see and hear.” In this quote he is saying he did not realize how the songs described the terrible struggles that the slaves had encountered but he eventually realized what they meant. The slaves had suffered many thing

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